Weekly Web Roundup: The How To Edition #9

Weekly Web Roundup

The biggest news this week was security breach that Twitter experienced, after a French hacker broke into the email accounts of Twitter executives and employees and released over 300 documents to TechCrunch. The documents included a complete Twitter employee list and salary information; confidential contracts with companies such as Nokia and Samsung, a contact list of notable Web and entertainment personalities, meeting reports and applicant resumes.

The was also some big news for Theme Thursday, when this week the twitter followers finally hit 1000! From an idea i had back in mid March it’s an achievement and i’m happy that so many people find it useful.

Alongside the major news there were plenty of other great articles and resources being published over the last week, my favourite of which are summarised below.

I’ve called this the How To edition after the first article listed which shows clients exactly how to hire and work with a designer.

That’s a wrap up of the ninth edition. Were there any links you thought deserved a mention? If so drop a link in the comments so we can check them out.

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