Weekly Web Roundup: The Dropbox Edition #24

Weekly Web Roundup

The major news of the week was the launch of Google Dashboard – which essentially summarises the data for each Google product that you use and allows you quick access to control your settings within each of these products, which include Gmail, Calender, Docs, Web History and others.

I think it’s an interesting insight into exactly what information Google has on each of us but is also rather scary as we individually realise just how much of our ‘lives’ is online and just how ‘private’ this information really is.

I’ve called this the Dropbox edition after the first link which was my favorite of the week as it shows a number of unique ways to use Dropbox which would benefit any designer.

  • 40 Creative Uses For Dropbox Designers and Mac Users Will Love
    Dropbox is a great service: it allows users to keep everything in sync between multiple devices. There are many creative yet less known uses for Dropbox and this roundup features some of the best.
  • Why and How To Use Dropbox For Client Files
    An in-depth review on how to use Dropbox to secure your blog folder, backup client files, preserving your current folder structures and collaborating with others on design files or posts.
  • The Future Of Interface Design
    The future of how we interact with computers is exciting to say the least, and some of the technology is a bit overwhelming. This post delivers a taste of what the future of interface design has to offer.
  • 6 Ways To Take Your Webdesign From Good To Great
    The difference between good and great webdesign is relatively small. This post examines a selection of awesome site to focus on some of the small details that make up the difference.
  • Using Wireframes to Bring Your Site Together
    A major project can be intimidating. The first time you take one on, it may even be terrifying. But with a little planning, you will succeed with flying colors.
  • What Every Graphic Designer Should Do Right Now
    Wireframes are the blue prints that define and allocate a Web sites content and behavior. As I am a well known Wireframe junkie I thoroughly enjoyed this article on exactly why they are so essential.
  • 30 (More) Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download
    No matter what you call them; ebook, white paper, or resource they all contain information that no designer should go without.
  • Screencasting for Communication
    An excellent idea from Danny at the Outlaw Design blog who uses Screencasts to guide clients through using WordPress and how they can be used to effectively communicate with both clients, designers and developers.
  • The Web Designer Wheel
    The Web Designer Wheel is simple process model that describes in five steps how to manage a small web project and relations with client. This approach allows you to work better and set and respect milestones.

That’s a wrap up of the twenty-fourth edition. Were there any links you thought deserved a mention? If so drop a link in the comments so we can check them out.


  1. Great round-up Grace! I Love Dropbox!

  2. Robin Cannon says:

    Nice set of links there, particularly liked the Web Designer Wheel.

    Also appreciate the DropBox links. I’m a big fan of the service, having tried out a few alternative online storage options. DropBox seems far and away the most user friendly, flexible and accessible, it’s invaluable.

  3. Chad Engle says:

    You so rocked my face off with this. I was just reading about some dropbox “expert stuff” and then you tweeted this. Awesome timing, awesome links. Cheers.

    • Grace says:

      @designinformer Thanks Jad, appreciate it :-)

      @Robin I agree, Antonio created yet another brilliant post with the Web Designer Wheel. I absolutely love Dropbox, I’ve been using it for some time and still learnt some new tricks with those Dropbox posts.

      @Chad That’s my aim with any blog post – to rock your face off! Glad you enjoyed it Chad.

      @Derek Hi Derek :-) It’s wonderful isn’t it!.

  4. Derek says:

    Love the one on DropBox. That little app has saved me much headache, not to mention forgoing my thumbdrive.

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