Weekly Web Roundup: The Design Hell Edition #28

Weekly Web Roundup

The major news of the week is the acquisition of AppJet by Google. AppJet are the creators of the collaboration word processor EtherPad. The news was met with a wave of negative feedback from the users of EtherPad when it was announced it would be disabling key functionality (like creating new pads), and planning to shutdown the service completely in March 2010. AppJet had to issue a statement they have re-enabled this features until they have made the code open-source.

The AppJet team will be incorporated into Google Wave early next year. It’s definitely a rather interesting acquisition from Google, who have already spent much of this year acquiring other companies such as ReCaptcha, AdMob, On2 Technologies and Teracent.

I’ve called this the Design Hell edition after the first link which was my favorite article of the week. It is a familiar story to all designers who face a client who takes your wonderful designs and asks for something from circa 1995!

  • How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell
    Hilarious comic that all designers can relate to! It shows how a project starts and rapidly goes rapidly down hill with the resulting design going straight to hell!
  • As a web designer, are you leaving money on the table?
    An interesting article on using a retainer fee structure on your web design projects because a website should be presented to the client as a living, breathing article that will require much ongoing attention.
  • Smashing Magazine – Realigned
    Smashing Magazine is one of the best resources for designers and developers online today. However the site needs better Information Architecture and there are a few usability issues as well.
  • Step Away From Design and Design
    Brian Hoff speaks about something which I do myself – taking time each week to dedicate a few hours to just designing (just for ourselves not a client). It brings back the joy and excitement into the work we do.
  • What does browser testing mean today?
    A thoughtful article from Andy Clarke discussing what browser testing actually means today, in the face of an ever more diversified browser and device landscape.
  • Make an Editable/Printable HTML Invoice
    A fantastic lightweight editable HTML invoice from Chris Coyier. It uses real form elements so it you could also use it as an online invoice form. It’s available as a free download, so go grab it.
  • Grid Based
    This is a beautiful gallery which showcases some of the world’s best websites designed with grid-based approach and beautiful web typography.
  • Mnmlist
    A fantastic site from the amazing Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. ItIt’s about minimalism, and why it’s important today. It covers a wide range of topics besides simplicity, including productivity.
  • There Is No Page Fold
    A simple yet bold page which states that the web is an interactive medium where scrolling behaviour is a standard and that there is no page fold. We should simply love our scrollbar!

That’s a wrap up of the twenty-eighth edition. Were there any links you thought deserved a mention? If so drop a link in the comments so we can check them out.

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