Nine Dribbble Invites To Win – Get Drafted!

You’re here for the invites…right? Well there’s no need for me to explain what Dribbble is in much depth, as most of you know it’s a pretty rad community where you post sneak peaks of what you’re currently working on, in the form of 400 x 300 px images. The quality of work is exceptional and the chance to interact, critique and inspire is second to none.

Dribbble invites are like gold dust. I’ve been a member for several months and only just got my first two invites this week. While I can think of several people who I could give these to immediately, I wanted to open this up to a wider audience.

In the world of Dribbble who you draft is a big deal. No one wants to draft the guy who uploads pictures of his cat, so I’m going to be pretty picky as to who scores these invites. I’m held responsible for the quality of work being uploaded by someone I draft so I’m taking the selection process seriously.

The über cool John O’Nolan has also kindly donated one Dribbble invite, bringing the total to three. So if you want drafted, make sure you follow the instructions below.

How To Enter

1. Leave a comment below with a few words of the type or style of work you would be uploading.
2. Post a link to your favourite bit of artwork you’ve produced.


The deadline to enter is 1pm (UK) on Thursday 5th August, comments will then be closed.

On Friday 6th August I will announce the three winners on this blog post and Twitter. Good luck to all!

EDIT: The super kind Ryan Downie, Chris Gibbons and Paul Stanton have also now donated an invite, while the lovely Emma Taylor has donated THREE invites. Taking the total to Nine invites to win!


  1. Zsolt Jakab says:

    Hi Grace,

    i’m a web designer and i’d love to get an invite. Please have a look at one of my recent projects:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. would love to get an invite!! most of my work can be seen on my page: (a litle bit out of date, though)

  3. Andrey says:

    Hi Grace!
    My main activity is web-sites design, but I’m in love with Iphone apps and interfaces … that’s what I want to share on dribble. I have my own web agency so I use every possibility to do what I really love to do.
    I am absolutely in small details and high quality.

    I really want to deserve dribble invite:


  4. Martin Boath says:

    Wow, nine invites to be chosen from all of this! More chance of winning Lotto! But you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket…

    So, if I were ridiculously lucky enough to be chosen, the work I’d be showing would be a mix of identity design (logos and accompanying branding etc) design for print (brochures and posters) and website design… sometimes all within the same project.

    As to my best item(s) of work, I’m a firm believer that a designer’s current work is his/her best but as I can’t show ongoing work, I guess maybe this
    and this
    are three pretty good examples. There’s plenty more on my site if you have the time to look through.

    Thanks for the opportunity Grace. It’s easier getting into Fort Knox than Dribbble!

  5. Martin Boath says:

    …and by saying that “I can’t show ongoing work” I mean more than just a snippet, obviously!

  6. Clare says:

    I’d be uploading ui elements and designs for mobile websites/apps. New projects for me so feedback would be super important!

  7. Diederik says:

    Hi, I love to join the dribbble community.

    I’m busy with a new WordPress and (premium) Tumblr theme. Besides this projects I like to share some UI stuff I’m working on right now.

    My portfolio is unfortunately offline this moment, but you can check my (website) and (tumblog).

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Grace, great idea!

    Thank you for a chance to try and hopefully win my way to Dribble.
    Here’s few of my shots in 400×300, as seen on Dribble 😉

    Kristian (@kmohl)

  9. Hi Grace! Awesome giveaway!

    I’m a freelance web designer in NYC. I’ve been working on a couple iPhone apps that I would love to share with the Dribbble community!

    Here’s my latest:


  10. Martin Cohen says:

    I’m looking for an invite, too. Though I’m still not sure whether my works reach the quality of postings on Dribbble.

    Although I’m now reaching for simplicity, minimalism and geometry,…

    ….I was a deep fan of the dirty style a decade ago:

    Looking forward to see the winners.

    Thanks for the chance, Grace & co.

  11. Alexander Winifred says:

    I am a humble little noobish graphic artist.

    Dribble will feature my works-in-progress, such as wallpapers, posters, and such.

    An example if my graphic creation is the twitter skin I created at .

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Hey Grace, this is a great opportunity, thanks!

    I’m an icon/interface designer (iPhone, Android) and illustrator.
    I think Dribbble would be perfect for posting character wip’s, icon sketches and digital paintings. Feedback from fellow designers is absolutely precious when developing concepts and Dribbble is the closest it gets to that since I work alone at home.

    Some recent work:

    This ebook cover I did for Smashing Magazine:

    These icons have been very popular:

    And these very controversial:

    And this digital painting was fun:

    I hope to win. Thanks again!

  13. I’d use Dribble for illustration and web design projects.

    One of my most favourite works: Illustrations of Jay-z, Notorious BIG and Lauryn Hill.

    Thank you,
    David Paulsson (Sweden)

  14. emanuela says:

    Hi Grace! I’m an italian freelance web designer.

    Some stuff here:

    caffè coordinadora (chiapas)

    naval refitting and repair

    online store

    dental center

    thanks for this opportunity 😉
    (good luck to all!)


  15. I would mainly be uploading web interface work. The project that I’m currently most fond of is a site I did for Temple Beth Israel in Altoona, PA. You can check it out at

  16. Chris Da Sie says:


    The type of work I would be uploading would be web designs and iphone app designs.

    For the web designs, this would include new theme designs for Tumblr, WordPress and Posterous.

  17. Matt Webb says:

    After 5 years out of school and in the corporate world, I have been moving toward freelance. I would be uploading client based web design, branding and print work as well as my own personal projects.

    I’m currently designing and developing a new website now which I think reflects some of my better work.

  18. Jasper says:

    I would mostly upload teasers of any websites I create. I love making things pretty and stretching the new css3 properties to make nice effects.

    Recent website

  19. My name is Kathy Mitchell. I am a designer. My work consists of national brand consumer ads, branding, and logos. I would love a Dribbble invite.

    My Portfolio site:

    My logos:

  20. Antoine Lépée says:

    I already subscribed to Forrst and am interested in a Dribbble account.
    I work as lead web designer at GlobyMundus, and work on several projects. One of my last creation is

    Thanks for giveaway 😉
    Follow on

  21. Tanya says:

    I would post wedding invitation designs and other things that fall under the ‘CUTE!’ category, like such:

  22. Emily Dunkle says:

    I work for a web design agency in Waltham, MA called Fresh Tilled Soil, and we would LOVE to be part of the dribbble community.

    We design web apps and content managed sites, and we’d be posting snippets of our ui elements, typography, wireframes, and any other web design elements!

    Check out our website for our best work:


  23. Victor Sarbu says:

    Hi Grace,

    It’s awesome of you to give away dribbble invites. With a dribbble account I would post illustrations, icons, logos, and hand lettering.

    Here are just a few examples:

    Good luck to everyone! =)

  24. Josh says:

    Hi there! Wow, there’s some stiff competition here (gulp). I work with a small group of web/UI designers and we’d love to be able to post our work jointly and become part of the Dribble community. So, one invite rewarded here would go a long way!

    Our site is:

    My site is:


  25. Hey!
    My name is Dani, I’m a designer from Brazil!
    I would die for a dribbble invite… Well, not really, since I would’t be able to post any shots… But anyway! I really want one! 😀
    Here are some 400×300 exemple shots of my work…

    Illustration Shot 1

    3D render – Shot 2

    Logo design – Shot 3

    Webdesign Screenshot Shot 4

  26. albert says:

    i would use dribble to display bitmaps in all of their glory; just think of the awesomeness that you would be directly responsible for introducing into the dribble comm! you would be that much more legendary.
    or really i’d just hold out for invite(s) and then offer them up as a gnarly seo campaign. touche.

  27. I’ll post thing like Illustrations, logos, websites,… I really love to work with CSS3. It allows us to create beautiful websites with less images.

    My favorite work I’ve made so far is:

  28. I would post my freelance and day job (I’m the Creative Director over at web design work. I tend to rock a clean and layered style with lots of depth, texture and color. Some recent work I would have Dribbbled would be: or or

    I want on Dribbble so bad that my new personal site design (not done yet) will include a placeholder for my Dribbble API feed :)

    Pick me, pick me!

  29. Chris Day says:

    I wouldn’t describe my work as art, but I am a designer/developer and this is my portfolio:

    If I had a dribbble account I would post a variety of design work as well as the occasional development nugget too. Would also love to get involved in the feedback loop for the community too :)

  30. Sheri says:

    Hey Grace,

    Wow 144 comments ! I am a New Media designer looking for an invite! *nudge nudge wink wink*

  31. Hi Grace,
    Wouldn’t say no to a dribbble invite myself 😉

    Probably use it mostly for illustrative icons and UI elements, of which I appear to be doing more of lately.

    Some examples here:


  32. Bram Devries says:

    I would use it to show my web design work and use dribbble as a general feedback tool to improve my work. I like my latest work(not live yet but you can look at some pictures on the website), mainly because of the fluentness between the different elements.

  33. Pol Moneys says:

    hola from Barcelona, I’ll be uploading iOS Apps and websites.
    One example of each (and many thanks): (on this site, indie spanish bands and solo players share Spotify playlists)

  34. Mininaim says:

    Some examples here:

    King Regards.

  35. Wow this has become crazy! good luck going through all of these submissions!

    I am the art director/co-owner at Level 2 Design. Love the dribble community, and just want to help contribute.

  36. jessie says:

    Well, this is gonna be a long shot considering all the talented peeps represented here, all yearning for an invite…. Since my site will be updated within – hopefully – a few days, I won’t be advertising my personal portfolio site here (yet), but I thought it might be fun to take some 300x400px screenshots of what I’m working on :)

    I’d love to get an invite because I, for one, love social media & the feeling to be among peers. I used to be a regular on a design board, but since it got deleted I miss the feeling of showing your work and getting some feedback. I’m a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, so I do miss some colleagues, although working from home does have it perks, like sleeping till midday (and working all through the night… *cough*) & eating cake while working :)

    Anyways, here are the two screenshots of what I’m working on at the moment (I wanted to post some more, but I’m guessing that would be cheating? -_- )

    A little birth announcement card for my brothers new baby girl:

    And an illustration I made a while back but working on it again for my new website:

    Thx for looking!

  37. Chris Mayers says:

    Well, dribbling was never my forté (except when it involved spittle down my chin — but hey, 17 was a rough age for everyone, right? RIGHT?), but I’ve been fascinated by the tricky-to-pronounce Dribbble (though, admittedly, it’s not nearly as hard as “ffffound”, which sounds like a bad Sylvester the cat impression) since it started.

    Anywho… I do think it’s a fabulous place for getting critique from a worldwide design consortium. And while that makes it sound like a supervillain from a Bond film, I’m okay with being a part of it. Also, all the work I’ve seen on it so far has been top-notch, and top-notch is exactly what I’d like to become.

    1. Type or style of work: Sexy. Dead sexy. Occasionally amateur, I’m sure, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? To get better? I’ll probably use too much Univers Condensed and those goofy dropshadowed rules we all love in our UI work.

    2. Favourite artwork: That’s like picking a favourite child. Although, my father did that plenty, even if I do now blame him for my fear of girls. And asparagus. (Don’t ask.) I’ll choose one because I feel proudest of it: a logo for Town & Country Day School, a school straddling the edge between the suburbs and city, featuring a huge tree in its front yard (

    Thanks for your consideration! Have a thrilling Thursday! And good luck judging.

  38. McKelly says:

    There’s actually two of us – we work as one person (?!) McKelly…

    You can see our work here

    About us:

    McKelly is the work of collaborative duo, Kate McInnes and Sean Kelly. This Australian based power-house of creativity work in the fields of Illustration and Animation. With a penchant for the provocative, McKelly have a style that can only be described as “Miss Universe meets the Apocalypse.”

    That’s us 😉

  39. Marc Thomas says:

    Hi Grace,
    If I got a Dribbble invite, I’d be posting relevant content that I either
    a) want feedback from some of the best guys in the biz on, or
    b) am just proud of and want to show off.

    I consider myself a web & graphic designer so I’d be posting shots of both.



    my portfolio is, which I’m also rather fond of.


  40. Matt Bailey says:

    I work for a small design agency in London called The Design Corporation (or design4music to some people). Most of our work is music industry related (TV advertised compilations). It’s a pretty niche market, so you can expect to see a lot of work that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere. Yes, it’s very commercial, often cheesy, and not usually what would be considered ‘cool’, but the quality and execution is always high – we’re proud of what we do!

    Here is a link to some of my published works:

    We usually do at least 5-10 concepts for each album and not every album comes out in the shops – that’s a lot of work! I’m also responsible for all our web work, which is a growing side of our business.

    Hope you enjoy the gallery :)

  41. Ricardo says:

    I don’t know if I sent my comment, so I send it again.

    My name is Ricardo and I would upload UI design examples, web design examples and icons or logo samples.

    You can see some of my work here:


  42. Hello there.
    Thank you for this opportunity to become a part of one of the best social networks there is.

    1. The shots i will upload will be webdesigns, logos, illustrations and other design related stuff that i create and either want feedback on or just want to share with other dribbblers.


    Looking forward to see the final 9.
    Have a great day!

  43. hellonemo says:

    Hi hi Grace,
    It’s very interesting to get dribble invitation from you :)
    here my portofolio and some of works: and


    • Grace says:

      Thanks everyone for your amazing response to this giveaway! The deadline has now passed and the winners will be announced here tomorrow. Good luck everyone :)