Show Me Your Dock! Series – Part 5

Tim Van Damme

Tim Van Damme is a freelance interface designer at Made by Elephant based in Machelen, Belgium. He’s been making websites for about 8 years now, and decided to turn professional 3 years ago.

Tim is a widely recognised designer due to his beautiful (and groundbreaking) work such as 24 Ways and for his excellent blog.

The Intro…

My Mac is like my left lung, living without it is possible, but a little uncomfortable. I have a 15″ MacBook Pro (unibody), and love everything about it. I’ve set up an external screen at home and at the office, and drag my laptop with me everywhere I go.

I try grouping apps in a way that they make sense. Tools, management, communication and entertainment.

The Dock…

Tim Van Damme Dock Series


  • Finder – To find mah stuff
  • Safari – Best browser available
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Horrible piece of expensive software, but it does the job
  • Espresso – Previously: TextMate and CSSEdit
  • Mailplane – Can someone please build a native Gmail client?
  • iCal – Otherwise I forget stuff
  • Billings – For collecting mah bling
  • NetNewsWire – RSS
  • Skype – Mostly to stay in touch with clients
  • Tweetie – Best Twitter-app
  • iChat – To stay in touch with friends
  • iTunes – I sing while I work
  • iPhoto – Is suckiest at best for collecting my poor attempts at photography. It’s slow, buggy and looks like an unfinished app, but it does the job.
  • LittleSnapper – Can’t imagine I ever lived without it, I throw everything in this little app
  • Speed Download – To download legal available files. REALLY!
  • Folder: Projects
  • Folder: Downloads
  • AppleTV
  • Flip
  • Trash

A huge thanks to Tim for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

As usual if you would like to share your dock, just leave a comment with a brief description of your dock apps and a link to a screenshot of it. Or take to your blog and write up a description of your dock as several others have done.

Other Creatives in the Series:

With more amazing creatives lined up, make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest Dock Series installment.

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