Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 33

Martin Lucas is a freelance website designer based in Colchester, specialising in building websites for small local businesses and individuals – usually building their first website and launching them on to the great big world wide web. He is passionate about the social web and WordPress.

The Intro…

Currently on my second Mac, a 13in MBP which I brought 3 months ago; this was after owning a 12in G4 Powerbook – which was becoming a struggle to work on.

The Dock…

  • Dashboard – I do actually have a couple of apps I use in here, apart from the Calculater and Conversion tool – I use a Loren Ipsom generator by Tobias Ahlin which is rather nice.
  • Photoshop – I’ve been using PhotoShop for over 10 years now, I do all my designing in it – when possibly Illustrator and Fireworks could be better suited – but I’m so comfortable with PS it takes half the time.
  • Dreamweaver – Using this less and less now-a-days as I’m working with WordPress more and more, I even looked into switching to Coda – but I couldn’t as there are too many features I’d miss; especially the server behaviours which I rely on for my PHP / MySQL work.
  • Adobe Illustrator – As I said, I don’t use this as much as I should – so last year I started designing T-Shirts to sell online and forced myself to do all the designing in Illustrator and it’s definitely helped me learn the application and work out how I can use it more in the future.
  • CyberDuck – My FTP client of choice.
  • MAMP – I’ll either develope a site on the live hosting / domain or I’ll work offline on my laptop with this Apache / MySQL and PHP setup.
  • Text Editor – Editing and viewing simple documents, I also use Google Docs.
  • Stickies – I used to organise all my work and life on these things, now I use them for simple lists of current projects so I can quickly see what I have on and what I can coming up in the future.
  • CurdBee – This is my invoicing app of choice, I’ve used the Fluid App to create an application from this superb web based invoicing application.
  • Dictionary – My spelling can by quite bad at times, so this gets me out of trouble on a regular basis.
  • Contacts – Keeps all my addresses.
  • iCal – I try to organise as much of my work / personal life in iCal as I can.
  • Tweetie – Just switched from TweetDeck to this and enjoying the cleaner interface and the less is more approach when compared to all those columns I had going on previously.
  • Skype – Only just signed up, hoping it will come in hand with future clients that like to use it.
  • GMail – Another Fluid App, this time my Google Mail account as a separate application.
  • FireFox – Browser of choice, and had been since my recent MBP upgrade.
  • Safari – Now only used for testing.
  • Opera – Surprised me how quick this browser is – but still only use it for testing.
  • Chrome – Another speedy alternative browser, and again only really used for testing.
  • Camino – The least used of my browsers, and one for just us Mac users. I occasionally use it when I feed the need for a stripped down simple browser.
  • Paparazzi – Screen grabs of individual web pages, handy for taking screen shots for portfolio pieces.
  • iTunes – Music all day long with this.
  • LastFM – I also use LastFM’s radio stations based on artists and keywords (my username is djmartinlucas if you’d like to find me).
  • Spotify – I’ve only just started using Spotify but I’m already building a nice collection of albums and playlists and really like saving a few pennies as I actually don’t mind the adverts.
  • Preview – I use it as my PDF reader, I find it quicker to use than Adobe Acrobat.
  • iPhoto Buddy – This is cool, it allows me to have 2 separate iPhoto albums (or more if you wanted), I have one for all my stock photos and a second for my personal photography.
  • iPhoto – See above.
  • Linotype Font Explorer – I use this to browse and organise my fonts.
  • App Cleaner – If I didn’t have this then I would end up with a whole load of applications (and all their files) installed on my Mac that I had tried and then forgot about. This makes it really easy to uninstall any unneeded application that you want to get rid of.

A huge thanks to Martin for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

If you would like to be featured in the Dock Series simply:

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  • Email it along with the necessary images to: hi [at]

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  1. Frisby says:

    A loren ipsum widget? I must get that! I’ve tried Cyberduck but it didn’t work. I never got the the bottom of that.

    I use stacks of applications in my dock so it says large and I can admire the pretty icons. *feels ingenious* x3

  2. Alicia says:

    Wow, picked up two great apps:
    Lorify and Paparazzi.

    I don’t usually use my dock. I use an app called Afred it works like the mac search function but better!