Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 27

Charlie Maybury

Charlie Maybury is a User Experience Professional based in Brighton, UK. His passion is good web design, and he is a great believer in the ‘Art of Simplicity’ to enhance a website’s ease of use.

Web Accessibility is close to his heart, and he specialises in creating and reworking websites to ensure they are not only accessible, but also to provide a positive ‘Accessible User Experience’. He writes regular updates about accessibility on his blog: Web Accessibility Rambles.

I asked Charlie if he would give us the lowdown on the applications he relies upon as a designer and UX specialist on a daily basis.

The Intro…

Although I like a minimalist design and uncluttered workspace, I also like to have my favourite programs just one click away. I like my dock to be quite small to allow me to make best use of my whole screen.

The Dock…

Charlie Maybury Mac Dock

  • Finder – Helps me find my things.
  • Dashboard – I use Dashboard regularly for the calculator and currency converter app.
  • Mail – I use Mail on occasion, but generally rely on webmail these days.
  • Safari – Mainly used for testing websites I am building, Firefox is my browser of choice.
  • Address Book – No explanation needed!
  • iCal – I love iCal for a quick view of my appointments & social calendar!
  • Preview – Mainly used as a PDF viewer.
  • Xee – Image viewer of choice.
  • iTunes – I love iTunes. I am rarely without music.
  • iPhoto – Used for very quick and simple photo edits.
  • Firefox – Firefox fulfils all of my web surfing needs. I have a large array of add-ons and couldn’t survive without Firebug anymore!
  • Word – OK, I like Microsoft Word… don’t hold it against me.
  • Open Office – Open Office is fine, slow to use though.
  • TextEdit – I use TextEdit for quick drafts, notes or coding.
  • Transmission – Super quick Bit Torrent client.
  • Taco – A nice simple HTML editor. Used regularly.
  • Burn – Great simple CD/DVD burning application.
  • Last FM – Used to scrobble my music.
  • Audacity – For easy recording of verbal interviews & user tests.
  • iMovie – Used occasionally to edit demo’s / user tests.
  • GarageBand – For a bit of music fun once in a while.
  • GuitarRig2 – Makes my guitar playing sound good.
  • VLC – Great all round media player…plays anything.
  • Handbrake – Superb and simple video transcoder
  • Front Row – I like to use Front Row when using my Macbook as a media center.
  • Cyberduck – FTP client of choice. Nice and easy to use.
  • Adobe Reader – For viewing those long PDF reports.
  • Spaces – Nice for separating my work and play.
  • Adium – My ‘always on’ IM application
  • Skype – Skype is vital for those long distance calls, without the huge cost!
  • GIMP – Open Source photo manipulation package. I prefer GIMP to Photoshop at the moment.
  • Time Machine – It’s like my digital life insurance!
  • DivX Player – Used occasionally if VLC is not playing ball.
  • System Preferences – I like to have a quick link to my prefs in my dock.
  • Excel – Unfortunately, I still use Excel to capture research results, although I hate every minute of it.
  • Powerpoint – Powerpoint is still my presentation package of choice.
  • Microsoft Messenger – My MSN IM application is used if Adium is struggling.
  • Quicksilver – I use Quicksilver almost constantly to quickly launch apps and documents using the keyboard.
  • Parallels – Allows me to test designs in Window’s XP if necessary.
  • Smultron – I really like Smultron, it fulfils all my programming needs.

A huge thanks to Charlie for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

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  1. Nice! I tried Cyber Duck for FTP but I just love Panics Transmit.

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