Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 26

Daniel Apt

Daniel Apt is a young web designer and developer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides web design and development, most of his time is occupied by school. Daniel has currently been working with web technologies for the past 5 years and also has written articles for Activetuts+.

I asked Daniel if he would give us the lowdown on the applications he relies upon as a designer and developer on a daily basis.

The Intro…

I’m still very new to a mac, I’m the proud owner of a 24-inch iMac for about half a year, yet already now I feel as if I’ve been using it for years. I even feel alienated when I’m sitting behind a windows pc! I try to keep my dock consistent, and only have the apps I use often on it, the apps I don’t use often I can find using spotlight. I try to keep certain apps next to each other, for example the ones for school work or for web development.

The Dock…

Daniel Apt Mac Dock

  • Finder – The first apps in my dock are my browsing apps, which are Finder, LittleSnapper and Font Book. Where would I be without my dear Finder? Some people don’t realize how important Finder actually is, but we use it everyday to save, find and organize our files. All my files are organized in folders and I often use color labels. Using Finder to its full capabilities is the best tip for working in a more organized way.
  • LittleSnapper – I won this app from Grace’s big productivity app giveaway (thanks Grace). I use it to make screenshots and edit them. I love how easy it is to organize my screenshots with LittleSnapper. The most amazing is the image editor, it makes it so easy to draw arrows, place notes and more!
  • Font Book – The last of my browsing apps is Font Book. I don’t use any expensive font management software, Font Book is fine. The only thing that I need is to be able to see which fonts I have and that I can organize those fonts, so Font Book is precisely what I need.
  • Schoolmagazine – The apps that I use for school are Schoolmagazine and Papers. Schoolmagazine is an app created with Fluid, which is an online portal where we do all the management for our school’s paper.
  • Papers – Sadly I use Papers mostly for school, yeah, boring essays and such. So I associate Papers with schoolwork, sadly, because it’s actually a great app. I also use it to write my invoices (yeah, that’s right, no fancy invoicing app).
  • iTunes – Well ok, iTunes doesn’t really fit in a category, so I just randomly placed it in my dock. While working I must listen to music, I prefer to listen to calming ambient music, which creates this great working enviroment.
  • Firefox – Just like iTunes, Firefox doesn’t fit in a category. Firefox is my preferred browser of choice, it might be slower compared to the other browsers on my dock, but it really makes my work a lot easier with all the great addons.
  • Gmail – Now come my mailing apps, which are Gmail and IG Mail. Gmail is an app created with Fluid. I love Gmail, it’s fast, it has a nifty user interface, and together with offline Gmail it’s perfect for me.
  • IG Mail – My school has its own email service, which is powered by Novel Groupwise. If you’re curious what IG stands for, it’s (St.) Ignatius Gymnasium, which is a great school in Amsterdam.
  • Concentrate – Now come the work management apps, which are Concentrate, iClockr and Taskpaper. Concentrate is the second app that I got from Grace’s giveaway, I use it when I really want to focus on a project for an hour or so.
  • iClockr – Even when I’m working on a project that won’t be payed by the hour, I like to see how much time I spend working on a project, this gives me a better idea how much I should ask for a project. And of course I use it also if I do get payed by the hour.
  • TaskPaper – This it the third and last app I’ve won from Grace’s giveaway. I use it to literally write all my tasks down, school stuff, personal stuff, work stuff, all tasks are over-organized into projects.
  • MAMP – MAMP, Sequel Pro and Coda are my web development apps. I find MAMP the easiest way to run a local server on my mac, installation was so easy, and I’ve never had problems with it.
  • Sequel Pro – Even though MAMP is great, phpMyAdmin isn’t that great for looking through MySQL databases, so I use Sequel Pro for looking up records in MySQL databases.
  • Coda – Coda is my preferred code editor, it’s simple, it’s fast and I love the simplicity of working with FTP.
  • Flash CS4 – Flash, Photoshop and InDesign are my graphics apps. Well Flash is actually a bit between graphics and development. Flash is the program that got me started with web design/development. I started with Flash MX 2004, and first just made little animations where stickmen were fighting each other. But later I discovered you could program, and got hooked to that. Now I’ve been using Flash for 5 years.
  • Photoshop CS4 – Before I start working on a website, I design it in Photoshop, I never got into FireWorks, so I’m just sticking to Photoshop. Designing a mockup in Photoshopis just part of my workflow.
  • InDesign CS4 – I recently became the graphic designer of my school’s paper, so we’re working on a major redesign. Of course for layout and print, InDesign is the app to use.
  • Adium – Adium and Tweetie are my social apps. Adium is neatest looking app for using MSN and I enjoy using it.
  • Tweetie – Actually the only thing that’s constantly changing is my twitter client, for now I have settled with Tweetie. Its design is elegant it’s fast and the only reason I wasn’t using it was because I thought it didn’t have retweet support (it does, just right-click on the tweet).
  • Terminal – Terminal is also a lonely ranger that doesn’t really fit in a category. The only thing I use the Terminal for is to use Git, which I just recently started using, it’s great and very easy to use, you just need to spend a small amount of time to master it.

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