Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 22

Jose Russo

Jose Russo is the Lead Web Developer at RDA Integrated in New York City and currently runs the Interactive department at the agency.

Jose is one of the nicest, funniest chaps on Twitter and someone I regularly chat with, and definitely a person you should be following.

I asked if he would give us the lowdown on the applications he relies upon as a developer and manager on a daily basis.

The Intro…

This is the dock on my MacPro at work running Mac OSX Leopard (10.5.8) running dual Intel Xeon processors and 6GB of RAM, wanted 8GB, but It wasn’t that important), along with Dual monitors, and an evil Microsoft Arc Mouse that I love!

The Dock…

Jose Russo Dock
Unfortunately because Jose’s Mac Dock is jam packed with applications, I can only show a smaller version in order to fit the entire dock into one image. However you can see a larger image at TwitPic.

  • Finder – Two faces kissing each other? Haha, you know what it is!
  • Spaces – Spaces I find useful when I have a hectic day at work and need to multitask on many projects, so I create spaces for each one!
  • Firefox – I use Firefox as my Development Browser for troubleshooting and fixing bugs.
  • Safari – This is my primary web browser; I also have a plug-in called Xmarks that I use to sync my bookmarks on all my computers (work desktop, home desktops, and laptops).
  • iTunes – Steve Jobs uses it to take my money!
  • Quicktime – The video player that rocks your world.
  • VLC – Fast video player to preview videos in pretty much every format (including FLVs).
  • iChat – Used at the agency to quickly communicate with everyone on the team.
  • Messenger – Never really use it, might be getting removed…
  • Word – Sadly, I used Word quite a lot since I take time to document many different procedures and work on pitches and proposals for my agency.
  • Excel – This is handy when previewing data from clients who still use it to gather and collect data. Good for converting that data for formats needed for projects.
  • PowerPoint – Client presentations and pitches.
  • Project – Never really used it and might get removed along with Messenger!
  • QuarkXPress – Used to preview the occasional project or assets delivered from external sources.
  • Toast Titanium – This is a CD/DVD burning app.
  • Device Central – I use this when the rare mobile site needs to be developed, very useful since you can preview projects on most mobile devices on the desktop.
  • Media Encoder – Fast way to encode original source videos into the format needed for our Flash video projects.
  • Acrobat – Preview and edit everyday documents.
  • After Effects – Again, on occasion I use this to provide alternate solutions for projects, sometimes a quick dirty video is more efficient that a Flash animation.
  • Illustrator – When working on Flash projects, I like to recreate as many vector pieces I can even if the designer did not create them as such, optimization is key!
  • Bridge – Not using it much, but I did use it for managing many of my projects.
  • DestroyTwitter – Dare I say this is the most important app on my dock?! There isn’t a day I can go without Twitter, and DT(w) is my favorite AIR desktop Twitter application.
  • DreamWeaver – I’ve been working a lot on web standards and optimization, and love to handcode all web pages and use jQuery as much as possible, minimizing the use of Flash and increasing the reach of all web content across all web platforms. In other words, I use Dreamweaver a lot!
  • Fireworks – Exporting and optimizing assets for frontend development.
  • Flash – The love of my life, ha, but really I use Flash to do a lot of my prototypes and demos, and really any interactive piece that needs a very rich user experience. Primarily used for smaller projects like prototypes, banner ads, and widgets.
  • InDesign – I use it when a print designer likes to give me a website designed in this… Let’s leave it at that!
  • Photoshop – Exporting and optimizing assets for frontend development. This is my primary tool for slicing designs, Fireworks is mostly optimizing for me, and yes, I’m weird about it!
  • WorkflowLab – Starting testing it this week, not sure how useful it will be…
  • RegExr – Nerd tool for generation Regular Expression that I use mostly in Flash. This comes in handy when parsing and converting data in Flash and replacing content.
  • FDT – Developing environment for the more intense Flash projects, such as applications and websites.
  • Anxiety – This hand app allows me to create To Do Lists and keep the on my desktop at all times.
  • DateLine – This is a lightweight calendar application that stays on top of your desktop wallpaper. (I can never remember what day it is!)
  • FontExplorer X Pro – This is a font manager, my personal favorite.
  • Universal Type Client – My agency’s font manager, used to connect to our font server.
  • Versions – My SVN (subversion) client for Mac. I use this to synchronize all my Flash APIs and libraries across all the different machines I work on and the rest of my development team.
  • Espresso – Another frontend editor like Dreamweaver, I use it occasionally when Dreamweaver fails me!
  • Silverback – Screen capturing app, let’s me record video overviews of projects and simultaneously captures video of me, therefore creating very impressive video solution when delivering project previews to clients.
  • iPlotz – Primary wireframing application.
  • Spotify – Music!
  • Titanium Developer – Testing and evaluating this great solution for frontend developers to use HTML/CSS/Javascript to develop iPhone applications.
  • Parallels – The saddest application on my dock, since it runs the evil Windows Vista and XP when needed!
  • MAMP – My local development environment for PHP.
  • Dropbox – One of the most useful applications, allowing me to keep the most important files there and access them anywhere I need them to be, o, yeah, they also have an iPhone app!
  • Transmit – FTP client for my agency.
  • Cyberduck – My personal FTP client.
  • Remote Desktop Connection – Yuk, sometimes I need to connect to windows machines (servers) to manage websites.
  • TextEdit – When data files don’t open anywhere else, there is always TextEdit!
  • Grab – I use this a lot to capture quick snapshots of my desktop for projects I am developing and the client needs to preview, or capture my dock like I did for this feature!
  • Preview – Love preview, I can view most files without having to fire up any application.
  • YouTubeAIR – Little AIR app I use to format YouTube files that I might incorporate in Social Media projects and build costum made YouTube video players using the Chromeless set up.
  • ImageSizer – Fast AIR app to resize images without having to fire up Photoshop.
  • Activity Monitor – As a responsible developer, I must monitor the performance of all project, this is one of the tools I uses to measure system usage by projects we develop.
  • Terminal – Too geeky to get into…
  • System Preferences – You know, when something breaks you use it.
  • Quicksilver – Easy app to access and find all apps install on you Mac!

A huge thanks to Jose for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

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  1. the best video player that i use is none other than VLC Player, it is free and i think it is open source too;;,

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