Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 16

Tony Chester Bio
Tony Chester is the man behind OnWired, a successful, progressive, award-winning web design and web development firm located in Cary, NC.

Tony and the talented team at OnWired have created several successful websites including, and Footer Fetish. Tony has also been interviewed on Six Revisions and John O’Nolan.

I asked Tony if he would give us the lowdown on the applications he relies upon as a studio owner on a daily basis.

The Intro…

Initially I was a little apprehensive to tackle this topic. Why? I don’t really use my dock anymore thanks to Quicksilver and Mac OS X’s Spotlight utility. These days I just hit Command+Spacebar, type in the first couple of characters of my desired application, hit return, and there she blows.

Now we’re gonna go back. How far back? Waaay back; 1994 or ’95 to be somewhat exact. I booted up my very first Power Mac Performa and never looked back. Mac OS 7 was the OS those days. I quickly became adept at troubleshooting resource forks and corrupt preference files.

Today, I don’t really have a need to repair any of those annoying issues. I’m typing this now in TextEdit on my MacBook Unibody with OS X (10.5.8). I’m too scared to jump on the Snow Leopard just yet. This machine is just stable. It’s so stable, our entire office (and house) is fitted with Macs of varying shapes and sizes.

The Dock…

Tony Chester Mac Dock

  • Fireworks – I don’t design much anymore, but I do need Fireworks on a weekly basis to do some image manipulation and mockups when the need arises.
  • SnapNDrag – Nifty little utility for capturing site elements like footers for You like how I worked that in there right?
  • Coda – Great tool for editing markup; it’s a definite step up from Dreamweaver. You will need to know your stuff though.
  • Transmit – Favorite FTP app for the Mac. Make use of the ‘droplets’; they are huge time savers for recurring uploads. The built-in file editor is great for quick HTML edits.
  • Tweetdeck – I use Tweetdeck for the bulk of my tweeting day. The built-in search and tracking is awesome.
  • Tweetie – I use Tweetie for the occasional updates under my other Twitter accounts. It’s just easier that way.
  • Mail – Tried the others and Mail just wins for me every time. I’m not big on the web-based apps quite yet.
  • Preview – Preview just rocks. It previews just about any application type you use on a daily basis. No need to wait hundreds of seconds to open that JPG with Preview around.
  • iTunes – Is there anything else? Play music, buy music, listen to podcasts, sync with your iPhone, buy apps. Need I say more? Oh yeah, live streaming radio too — I can’t live without my radio.
  • Safari – I just love the smoothness and speed of Safari.
  • Firefox – I mainly jump into Firefox if I’m having issues with sites in Safari, plus I find Firebug more useful than ‘Inspect Element’ in Safari.
  • Calculator – Readily available to count up my money for World War on the iPhone (Seriously! My alliance code is TJMGKC.).
  • iChat – As I have Jabber and AIM accounts, iChat works great with one login. If you need to share files with the party, it’s much easier if they are on iChat as well.
  • Campfire – This is really a Fluid app ( that lets me jump right into Campfire for our group chats. The archiving and file sharing makes it all worth while.
  • Pages & iWork – Apple just does it better. No MS Office to see here, folks. Please move along…
  • iBiz – I’ve tried several time tracking apps but keep coming back to iBiz. Tracks the time and produces invoices without the need of a hosted web app.
  • iCal – Not really familiar with any other calendars; besides, it just seamlessly integrates with my daily routine.
  • 1Password – There are way too many passwords to remember now days. I just let 1Password keep track of them and let my brain be happily dumb.
  • Paparazzi! – Full screen website captures made easy. You can delay the shot, allowing sites with Flash movies to load.

A huge thanks to Tony for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

As usual if you would like to share your dock, just leave a comment with a brief description of your dock apps and a link to a screenshot of it. Or take to your blog and write up a description of your dock as several others have done.

Other Creatives in the Series:

With more amazing creatives lined up, make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest Dock Series installment. If you would like to be featured please leave a comment below.


  1. JohnONolan says:

    Great post! And thanks for the link Grace :) You’d cry if you saw my dock!

  2. MauricioZambrano says:

    Aa good as always, all the show me your dock series are absolutely great, i love it, keep rockin grace

  3. Josh Hemsley says:

    Ha, this is such an awesome series Grace! Makes me want to dig through my dock and figure out why I have so many useless

    ..and Tony, 44 unread email & 52 iCal notifications? LOL, You better get on it buddy 😉

  4. Peter Kaizer says:

    Hey Grace love this series, how about a related series: “Show me what’s in your taskbar” Seems to me that would be even more interesting as it shows the apps folks have running all the time…

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