Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 12

Antonio Lupetti
Antonio Lupetti is an Engineer, Pro Blogger and Mac User based in in Rome, Italy. He runs one of my favourite web development blogs, with a consistent stream of in-depth and practical tips, tutorials and articles.

Antonio also wrote and released the excellent Woork Handbook which is free to download and covers CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, Mootools, Scriptaculous and other web design related topics.

I asked Antonio to take part in the Dock Series to share the applications he relies upon as a successful developer and blogger on a daily basis.

The Intro…

I switched from PC to Mac some years ago and decided to buy a new MacBook white. I loved using my Macbook for a long time because of it’s fantastic design and the overall “Mac experience” of using Mac OS X. Now I am a Mac-addict as I now have an iMac, iPod Touch 8GB and the new iPhone 3G.

I use my iMac to do everything; updating my blog, managing my digital-social identity, writing a book (I’m writing a thriller), managing my contacts, scheduling my appointments and synchronizing them with my iPhone. All in a perfect and simple way!

The Dock…

Antonio Lupetti Mac Dock

  • Finder – I use the Finder to browse my Mac but in general I prefer to use Spotlight to find a specific file. This is my favorite Mac icon!
  • Mail – My email client. It’s better than Outlook for PC, fast, simple and intuitive. What more would I want?
  • Address Book – I couldn’t manage all my contacts (Mail + iPhone) without this app.
  • Safari – The best browser on the planet, fast and powerful.
  • Firefox – I downloaded Firefox some time ago. Sincerely, I like the icon, but I don’t use it. I prefer Safari.
  • Dreamweaver – My favorite HTML/CSS/JS/PHP editor for PC and MAC. But the MAC version is slower then PC version.
  • Photoshop – I mainly use it for design graphic.
  • Pages – I’m using Pages to write my book. It’s the best word processor for the Mac.
  • iCal – I use iCal to plan my activities and schedule tasks. It’s perfect integration with the iPhone is a great solution.
  • iTunes – I use iTunes to listen to music, the Web Radio (in particular Radio > Ambient > All Chilled @ 181.FM), browse the Apple Store and synchronize my iPhone and iPod. All this in a super application!
  • LimeWire – It’s my favorite peer-to-peer client.
  • xTorrent – I think it’s the most powerful torrent client for the Mac. I like it’s ease of use and the clean interface.
  • iPhoto – The perfect app to manage and modify my photos.
  • Preview – A stunning application to open several types of files (extremely fast) and make simple actions like rotate, resize, crop, convert, instead of opening other apps.
  • Twitterrific – Twitterrific is the best Twitter Client for the Mac and iPhone. I use it to send my tweets from my iMac or iPhone.
  • iChat – I prefer iChat to Audium to chat with my friends in the world!
  • Skype – I suggest you to use it for long (very, very long) calls with your favorite girl!
  • MAMP – It’s a must have application to install and manage Apache, PHP and MySQL with a few clicks under Mac OS X.
  • Microsoft Excel – I often work with complex Excel files on my PC and in some cases I need to modify them on my Mac. I have to say the Mac version of Excel is not at the same level of the PC version. It’s slower and not so usable.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – I use PowerPoint to design simple illustrations for my posts.

A huge thanks to Antonio for taking time out to take part in the Dock Series.

As usual if you would like to share your dock, just leave a comment with a brief description of your dock apps and a link to a screenshot of it. Or take to your blog and write up a description of your dock as several others have done.

Other Creatives in the Series:

With more amazing creatives lined up, make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest Dock Series installment.


  1. Carlo says:

    The icon to the left of iCal isn’t identified.
    The list just jumps from Pages to iCal – is it a top-secret app? :)

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