Me Circa 1983
Photo by My Mum

How To Say No To Spec Work Requests

How To Say No To Spec Work

Last week I was contacted by a startup who needed to work with a freelance designer on a regular basis. I will call him Mr X throughout this article as […]

10 Blogs Every Freelancer Wish Existed

We all have our favorite Freelance blogs which consistently produce quality, insightful content. However in an alternate reality what if an entirely different set of freelancing blogs existed. The kind […]

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 30

Phill Horrocks is a web developer based in the north of England in a sunny little place called Lancashire. He is a web standards junkie, mountain biker, husband, father and […]

Regular Schedule To Resume Next Week

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I’ve been on holiday for the past two weeks, which includes a break from blogging. It’s been fab but I’m […]

Happy Holidays To All My Readers

I wanted to send each one of you a huge thanks in visiting and being a regular reader of this blog and I hope you are all having a great […]

The Randomiser Interview on Kamikaze Music

Dave Sparks from Kamikaze Music asked me to be the second participant in his new ‘Randomiser’ Interview which covers a set of rather unique questions, even where I would hide […]

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 29

Michael Wilson is a 23 year old web designer based in Bournemouth, in the UK. Michael runs a design inspiration blog and has a passion for learning new things, whether […]

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 28

Matthew Dawkins is a web designer based in Somerset, UK. He runs a small web business catering for small businesses, and is passionate about CSS, PHP and MODx. He manages […]

Get Creative With Collage: Trends and Inspiration

This is my first article for Smashing Magazine, published today. I’ve recently turned into a Collage obsessive so I put this to good use with an in-depth look into the […]

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 27

Charlie Maybury is a User Experience Professional based in Brighton, UK. His passion is good web design, and he is a great believer in the ‘Art of Simplicity’ to enhance […]