Me Circa 1983
Photo by My Mum

Nine Dribbble Invites To Win – Get Drafted!

You’re here for the invites…right? Well there’s no need for me to explain what Dribbble is in much depth, as most of you know it’s a pretty rad community where […]

Show Me Your Dock Series! Part 32

Jack Franklin is an 18 year old web designer and developer who lives in the beautiful area of England, Cornwall. Having started out with HTML and CSS at the age […]

WP Bids – WordPress Theme For Freelancers

Please note this is not a sponsored review. This is a tool I’ve recently started to use and thought it may be of interest to some of you. I asked […]

15 Invigorating Typographic Posters

Typography should be every designer’s best friend as it is such an important aspect of modern design, that mastering how to use it effectively is essential. When typography is neglected […]

20 Fantastically Addictive iPhone Games I Love

Earlier this week I published my Top 20 Essential Apps for the iPhone, however no iPhone is complete without a variety of weird and wonderful games to pass the time. […]

20 Essential iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’m an iPhone owner at last. I know….it clearly goes against my fangirl status to be so late to the party but honestly, I’ve always thought they were just too […]

On Becoming A Mashable Contributor

I’ve been contributing to Design articles on Mashable for the past few months after connecting with the lovely Matt Silverman, Associate Features Editor. However recently I was asked to personally […]

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Me Circa 1983

Yes, that picture is of me when I was a baby! Last year I wrote an article (with lots of guest contributers), titled 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me […]

Win a Reseller hosting package worth £300!

The giveaway has now ended and the two winners are: Mike Street and Katherine Cory. Congrats to you both and to everyone who didn’t win this time, don’t worry there […]

The Benefits Of Sketching As A Designer

I’m a keen sketcher and am always fascinated as to how other designers incorporate sketching into their design process to kick-start their creativity and help brainstorm faster and more efficiently. […]