Origin68 T-Shirt Giveaway – Now Closed

The giveaway has now ended and the winner is @alanhouser because I loved his comment, definitely got a smile from me! Thanks to everyone who entered, I always have a giveaway in the works so make sure to subscribe so you get a shot at the next one.

Geeks love t-shirts. It’s a fact of life, when we see a kick-ass nerdy t-shirt we whip out our credit cards and wait by the door for the post to arrive!

So when I found Origin68 (via AisleOne) a few weeks back, I was excited, because not only do they offer some awesome threads but they’re also based here in the UK. They are based in Manchester and follow the ideal that a tshirt can change the world (my kind of people).

I contacted Matt and Harry to ask if I could partner with them to offer my readers an exclusive giveaway and they were more than happy to oblige.

Origin68 are offering two t-shirts to one lucky winner. For your chance to win see the following.

How To Enter

1. Make sure you are following both @gracesmith and @origin68 on Twitter
2. Leave a comment below stating the two t-shirts you would like and most importantly why you should win!

Competition Details

The closing date is Tuesday 6th April and the winner will be told via Twitter DM (which is why you need to be following both of us).

Please note this is not an April Fools joke either!


  1. David Bennett says:

    Anonymous & Higher Than The Sun.

    Why? Cos a free t-shirt would be nice.

  2. Clare says:

    Love the Human being in black, and the con sume shirt. No, wait, the ANON shirt is just too awesome not to be a favorite.

    And why I should win?

    Why not? ๐Ÿ˜€ Give me a valid reason for me not to, I >9000 dare you.

  3. Clare says:

    (oh, dummer. I forgot to say my twitter user name is icitea. Now what? )

  4. Following both, my id: @thomascraig

    Shirts: Come Get Me You Bastard , Human Being – White

    These shirts are too clever and who doesn’t like winning something. Would love to win one and wear to the government office on a monday morning. love it.

  5. Why? Because I would love to show off the amazing threads of Origin68 in Traverse City! Because of this I would choose Human Being Black & Anonymous.


  6. Alan Houser says:

    I’d like to win a shirt, but TWO shirts? ZOMG! Two strips of bacon is always better than one.

  7. Butterfly girl and Human Being Black. Although I’m the US, so maybe I’m not eligible.

    But that’s also why I should win. You want to spread your buttery influence to another continent, and let’s be honest, the only way to do that is to ship a butterfly shirt to some guy.

  8. I would love to have the Human Being White and the Anonymous. I love humorous t-shirts. Thanks for the tip…gonna watch their site regularly for new products.

  9. Daniel Apt says:

    Wow, awesome designs, never heard of them before, sadly…

    My top two fav designs, wow, this one’s a hard one, I’d have to go with Human Being (white) and Paris ’68

  10. Daniel Apt says:

    Woops, forgot the why question.

    And why? Well because I’m truly amazed by the work of Origin68, and it would be a great homage to Origin68 if I could wear a tee of them (and of course it would look awesome, but that’s obvious).

  11. James P says:

    XOX – The White Album & Higher Than The Sun

    I love these two tees and thinking about buying them If I don’t win. Both great typography t-shirts. Even though it’s not related to the to the tee, I love the white album

  12. Gregoire Welraeds says:

    Come Get Me You Bastard. That green color is so nice!

    Why? Because I’m long time @gracesmith follower and I read all of her posts, sometimes following her links, etc That alone make me think I deserve a t-Shirt.
    Why? Because all my t-Shirt are stupidly white with no inscription and it is time to change. (and this is true).
    WhY? Come Get Me You Bastard and I’ll tell you.

  13. Gregoire Welraeds says:

    By posts, I mean tweets (and there are a lot of them) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Human Being Black – such a great design.
    Higher Than The Sun – again, just a great design.

    Why should I win? Because I failed as a Calvin Klein model, thus missing out on modelling great shirts like these, and would like to rekindle those dreams of being an awesome model ๐Ÿ˜›

    Plus, I like you and I like the shirts. Nuff said.

  15. sherie says:

    I would love the Human Being and Butterfly Girl Tee`s, they are brill.
    why should I win, because I love your T shirts.
    I follow @gracesmith and @origin68 and tweeted u both @RedRoses4

  16. roberta says:

    well… i totally dig all the t’s. but if i have to choose… human being (white) + consume (white). why???? cause i need some excitement in my life.. :) winning always helps….

  17. Anonymous and Consume.

    I think I should win because like many people out there, I’m a struggling and budding designer/developer/artist/wordpress phenom, just trying to enjoy life and make a buck/pound or two on the way through it. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

  18. Paul Randall says:

    Human Being (Black) & Higher Than The Sun please. The reason? Because I’d wear them with pride at my new job, and when everyone asks where I got them, I’ll say Origin 68!

  19. Hey there.

    I think I should win two awesome tee’s because as of today my washing machine packed it in (easter must be an electrical appliance holiday) and therefore I am left with a limited amount of clean clothes to get me through the week. Two new, clean tees would be greatly appreciated by we and also my friends who I’m sure will question the stale sent that is sure to follow me this week.

    And that’s my story….

    From @carolinesmith86

    Two fav tee’s are Human being Black and Consume.

  20. sudeep says:

    First Big up’s to Matt and Harry on the T-shirts (keeping in mind the Nature) ! *claps* *claps*

    The two T-shirts i like (i love these 3 of them actually) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    > The World In Your Eyes
    > Human Being
    > XOX – Unknown Pleasures

    I want to win the T-shirt Because

    > They’re Artistic
    > Helps Spreading a good message around
    > Can help bring a change in the society
    > A budding designer like me would LOVE to wear them
    > These are the T-shirts one would like to wear and feel proud :)
    > The XOX t-shirt is awesome and spreads This will make me Happy :)
    And Finally
    Everyone’s a winner…but i want to be that One :)

    And always a Fan of Grace smith ! now a fan of Originn68…

    Thank You.

  21. Jamie Murphy says:

    I love these designs! I would be happy with any two of the tees! Such a geeky tee would be a welcome addition to my collection. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Jane Willis says:

    I love them all but “consume” and “it began in 68” are my favourites. After all there’s a lot to look at one them and I like people looking at my chest…..

    I’m following both of you on Twitter – I am @compergrapevine

  23. leigh says:

    I’d love the Come Get Me (you bastard) and the Butterfly tees for no reason than that they’re pretty damn cool and I pretty much live in shirts, reason enough methinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Rhoda says:

    Butterfly Girl And Purple Rain because they are quite simply awesome!! I’d love to be the proud owner of them!! @justforcomps

  25. wendy says:

    I’d like the human being in white and the human being in black so I choose to wear depending on if I was in a black or white mood!

    I should win as the tshirts are fab and it would be great if I cd be the one to nab:)


  26. theamorousprawn says:

    Ooh! I’d go for Come Get me You Bastards…. nicely subversive, that. And XOX Purple Rain for a friend who wears a lot of purple. Simples!

  27. Jo Orr says:

    Would love the XOX Unknown Pleasures and Up in Smoke
    Reason = teenage son has just had a look at the Origin68 designs and deemed them ‘EPIC’ – nuff said LOL!

  28. Sarah Whittington says:

    Hi following on Twitter @whitty999
    Good uck to all.
    I would like to win for my son who has just become a daddy,so he needs a little treat & new style!
    I love all the designs but think the XOX รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Unknown Pleasures & Higher Than The Sun really catch my eye.

  29. Kevin M says:

    You have quite a few tees I like but don’t ask me to choose at present – I’m a Libran!! lol

    Twitter name – @eppytaff

  30. Amanda Letch says:

    I love Human Being, Black and Anonymous,it took me ages to decide their all great! My son would love these t-shirts it’s really hard to find cool t-shirts.
    It’s his 21st birthday soon would make a great birthday prescent. (He has lots of friends to spead the word to)


  31. Katherine says:

    I’d love Human Being (white) and It Began In ’68. Why? Because I’m an awesome girlfriend and I love coming home with new things to spiffy up the bf. He doesn’t have much time to shop & I love shopping … what a match made in heaven! Cheers (@KatherineChu)

  32. keith lesage says:

    Love everything on the site,trendy and original

  33. Denise Whiteside says:

    Great T-Shirts my son would love them
    My / His choice for 2 t-shirts are
    Consume & Human Being Black
    Great competition Thank you
    @easydees on Twitter

  34. Russell Turner says:

    Human Being Black and Anonymous

    I need to be reminded what I am in my dotage but hate my name which my parents chose from some tv credits presumably whilst drinking Babycham!

    luvhandyls on Twitter

  35. tracey rollings says:

    Human Being white and come and get me you bastard as i think they are all great but these two could show both sides of me lmao the naughty and nice

  36. Anonymous and It Began In ’68 are probably my favorites. But all are pretty damn amazing.
    I love anonymous for its typographical style in standing out, even if its yellow i think i could still rock with it.
    I love ’68 because its such a sweet little illustration, id be wearing it everyday if i could!