My Portfolio Site Redesigned & Relaunched

Postscript5 Redesigned 
After over three years with the same design, I’ve relaunched my portfolio over at As many Freelance Designers will tell you, your personal site tends to take a backseat to client projects. Between client work, writing, blogging, side projects and personal time, it’s been a challenge.

I’d love it if you could go over and check out the new site. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all the news from the new blog and follow on Twitter.

Read a behind the scenes into how it was redesigned.


  1. Simply because…this post looked so lonely. Everyone commented over on the PS5 site, but no one here.

    *Pets the blog post*


  2. I agree, client projects are always first thing that gets done. I wish I had 40 hour work days. There always seems to be more and more work. I think you did a great job on the website redesign. I never have been a big fan of “black” and “white” web designs. But I think you pulled it off. I liked that you added some vibrant colors to the side navigation area. Good job over-all.

  3. Elle says:

    I agree. I have been working on my own portfolio and blog redesign for… *cough* months *cough*. Client projects always come first, and after putting in all of those hours for clients, I’m ready for a break away from the glow of my computer… so it get’s put off until tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it all together (instead of just piece by piece) for a relaunch soon. It will be so nice to have it back to normal again!

    But you did a fantastic job! I love the black and white, but not overbearing and not boring either. Great job!