My Article Contributions Around The Web

I’ve recently had the privilege to contribute to two amazing resources this week – Derwent Pencils and Graphic Design Blender.

Derwent Pencils

Derwent Pencils asked me to write an article on how I use sketching to develop ideas for my design work. Sketching isn’t optional for me as a designer, it’s essential. I can’t go straight to digital at the start of a project, I always start off with some browser templates or Moleskine (and a few Derwent pencils!)

Sketching kick-starts my creativity and allows me to get ideas out on paper and is the fastest way to brainstorm and convey as many ideas as possible with the least amount of effort.

Head on over and read the entire post

Graphic Design Blender

On the Graphic Design Blender, I was asked to contribute to an article on giving advice to new Freelancers.

I concentrated on an often overlooked area of freelancing – finances. To any freelance newcomer I would say first and foremost you need to think realistically about costs, such as equipment, software, insurance, premises, tax, the list goes on. You also need to think about your potential earnings and ask yourself ‘what do I need to survive on?’ Being honest and realistic about your financial requirements is important.

Head on over and read the entire post.

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