Get Featured in the Show Me Your Dock series!

Dock Series Featuring You...
Recently I celebrated the 6th month anniversary of this very blog and asked for suggestions from you my lovely readers as to what exactly you want to read.

The response was superb and by far and away the most surprising thing I learned was just how much you love the Show Me Your Dock Series. It has become my signature feature, so much so that is lovingly inspiring others to create their own similar series.

Up until now I personally asked designers and developers to take part, however I have now decided to open the floor and invite anyone who would like to take part to be featured.

If you would like to be featured in the Dock Series simply:

  • Download the Dock Series Template (zip).
  • Follow the instructions within it and then email it along with the necessary images to: hi [at]

Whether you are a designer, developer, writer, artist or photographer I would love to feature you on the blog so don’t be shy!

With more amazing creatives lined up, make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest Dock Series installment.


  1. Daniel Apt says:

    I’ll definitely show my dock!

  2. Thanks Grace. Will be submitting mine as well.

  3. Brilliant idea.

    I’m wondering if this is meant to be a Mac only feature tho?

    Despite popular belief, there are plenty of webdesigners that use Windows too, and Windows7 does lend itself quite well to this feature.

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