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36+ Resources To Craft The Perfect Portfolio

A portfolio can be an amazing platform as it showcases your work, skills, experience and personality to potential clients and employers. However building a killer portfolio that is a lead […]

65+ Illustrator Tutorials, Tips and Resources

With Adobe Illustrator you can create remarkable illustrations and graphics that bring a design to life. However just like Photoshop it’s important to learn how to utilise it’s power and […]

Productivity Toolbox: 55 Essential Tips & Tricks

Improving our productivity and efficiency is the holy grail of most business owners. We all want to do more with less time and become better at what we do. However […]

Theme Thursday postponed until 9th July

Due to the fact i am probably relaxing in a beer garden somewhere in Ireland, this week’s Theme Thursday has been postponed until next week. However feel free to browse […]

43 Must Read PHP Articles and Resources

PHP is a scripting language that enables people to create dynamic web pages and applications. It is a server side language that is one of the most popular used by […]

58 Essential Resources For Every Mac Geek

Apple products power my business. Using a Mac has enabled me to streamline my workflow and i spend less time on computer maintenance and more time doing what i love […]

75+ Truly Remarkable Typography Resources

Great Typography can add life, character and interest into a design. This range of articles, resources, tutorials and roundups will inspire you to become a Typography Ninja.

84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources

As a dedicated Web Standards gal, i appreciate the beauty and power of CSS, in fact my design studio – Postscript5 is built on the aim of producing beautiful, accessible […]

115 Insanely Useful Photoshop tips & tutorials

Our latest Theme Thursday topic was Adobe Photoshop, the application of choice for most web and graphic designers. It’s one of the apps i use on a daily basis and […]

86 jQuery Resources To Spice Up Your Website

The second Theme Thursday’s topic was jQuery, yet again another great choice for the week’s theme. As one of my favourite JavaScript libraries i was super pleased it was the […]