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Mac OS X Productivity Series: Part One

This is the first in a two part in-depth series on how to get the best out of both the in-built features and the applications available in OS X, to […]

A Look Back At 2009 & My Plans For 2010

I was inspired to write this by Sarah and Elliot’s posts on their look back at 2009 and their resolutions for 2010. I started blogging back in March 2009, so […]

How To Say No To Spec Work

How To Say No To Spec Work Requests

Last week I was contacted by a startup who needed to work with a freelance designer on a regular basis. I will call him Mr X throughout this article as […]

Regular Schedule To Resume Next Week

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I’ve been on holiday for the past two weeks, which includes a break from blogging. It’s been fab but I’m […]

Happy Holidays To All My Readers

I wanted to send each one of you a huge thanks in visiting and being a regular reader of this blog and I hope you are all having a great […]

The Randomiser Interview on Kamikaze Music

Dave Sparks from Kamikaze Music asked me to be the second participant in his new ‘Randomiser’ Interview which covers a set of rather unique questions, even where I would hide […]

Get Creative With Collage: Trends and Inspiration

This is my first article for Smashing Magazine, published today. I’ve recently turned into a Collage obsessive so I put this to good use with an in-depth look into the […]

Geek Out With The URL ABC Game

I recently found this fun little game called URL ABC that’s currently making the rounds. It’s creator is the talented Mr Tim Van Damme and you simply: go to the […]

How To Create Personally Branded URL’s

URL shortening is everywhere, from the king of the crop to, and dear old faithful Tinyurl (to name just a few), it seems every month a new […]

My In-Depth Interview On The

Paul from the fantastic recently asked to interview me on my experience as a freelance web designer, blogger along with my workflow and inspirations.