Announcing My New Project – is is an archive of curated links of creative interest updated on a daily basis.

I tweet interesting articles and resources on a daily basis on Twitter, and not just the usual links that are retweeted to death or that most people will have already found (from the larger sites). I know this is a large reason as to why so many people follow me.

However I’ve never taken the time to archive or keep note of these finds (I stopped using Delicious some time ago). I felt it could be very beneficial to create a way to share these links with people without relying on them following me in real-time. This is why (the new) was born.

I’ve had the domain for over a year, originally it was bought to be the hub of my website network, but in reality it just lay dormant once I had installed WordPress, installed a simple theme and added some initial content. I love the domain and decided to revitalise the site for something much more useful.

On Tumblr

Quite a few people on Twitter questioned my move from WordPress to Tumblr, but it’s rather unfair to dismiss the platform without acknowledging it’s strengths. For I wanted a site that required no back end maintenance and could be updated in just a few seconds. I’ve used Tumblr before and always loved it’s simplicity and features, so it was my first choice when it came to choosing a platform. I also love the community that surrounds Tumblr.

There are now over 100 posts linking to a variety of awesome creative links and resources, so now is the time to make Sc.ripted one of your go to destinations for inspiration.

How To Follow

Twitter: @5cripted

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the site, so please get in touch via the comments below!


  1. kaeptn says:

    Like the name of the domain. Like the clear desgin. Like the idea. Very well done! Have a good one!

  2. LCS says:

    sc.ripted is a fantastic resource. Thank you for the work that you do.

  3. Azhar Kamar says:

    Love the site logo. 😉