84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources

CSS Tips & Resources

As a dedicated Web Standards gal, i appreciate the beauty and power of CSS, in fact my design studio – Postscript5 is built on the aim of producing beautiful, accessible websites. The love and respect for web standards is continually growing in the online community and the push to create more and more unique web designs and layouts means the use and functionality of CSS is more keenly discussed.

With this in mind i can well appreciate that CSS was the chosen theme for this week’s Theme Thursday!

Feast your eyes over this collection of super useful CSS resources:

That’s our 5th Theme Thursday over and i think it was one of the best as CSS is a favourite topic for alot of designers and developers on Twitter.

I have just finished the initial build for the Theme Thursday website and Stuart will be incorporating the backend functionality over this weekend so if all goes well it should be up and running for the next Theme Thursday on 30th April as Theme Thursday is now a fortnightly event on Twitter to allow time for you to take in and read through the links.

Have you used any of these resources or links in your projects or do you have any other articles to recommend? Then drop a comment, i would love to get some feedback on these!

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  1. Thank you Grace for this roundup! This proves that everybody loves CSS! (and if somebody don’t…. they should).

  2. Angie Bowen says:

    Thanks so much for this, I love CSS and this will give me reading material for ages!

    • Grace says:

      @Adrian My pleasure, if we could get everyone to love CSS the world would be a better place 😉

      @Angie Hey Angie, i know there’s alot to get through!

      @Jeremy CSS trickery indeed and lots of it.

      @GreenStar Hey, i will drop you an email and we can have a chat about you contributing if your up for it. Thanks so much, would love more people to get involved!

      @Emma Im a new blogger too so i know how much info you take in when staring out, all the best with your new blog!

      @Rob No problem, great tutorial.

      @Dani Thanks for stopping by, my pleasure, im happy to gather some great links for everyone to enjoy.

      @Photosmarter and @Art2Code Glad you enjoyed the post.

      @CSS Will do, thanks for commenting.

      @Marcus and @TLaw Hope they prove useful, it’s always good to have a list handy to refer to.

      @Nareg I really liked your post so was happy to link it up.

      @Vicente Absolutely my pleasure.

      @Aravind Hey, thanks for dropping a comment, no you rock, big follower of yours on twitter!

      @Navdeep Im slowly working my way through them myself, so i hope they also prove useful for you.

  3. What a gi-normous supply of CSS trickery! Thanks for that.

  4. GreenStar says:

    I just found your site through twitter and wanted to comment. This themethursday was amazing. It’s definitely got me hooked :) If you need anything, just let me know. I’d love to contribute to a themethursday if possible.

  5. Rob MacKay says:

    Hey Grace thanks for linking my tut :)

  6. Wow! Great list Grace 😀 Thanks for putting this together!

  7. Art2code says:

    thank you for this huge list of css tips!

  8. You can add me to the list, im always looking to write new css tutorials :)

  9. Wow. Thank you very much. This list is huge!

  10. Thank you Grace for this great post.
    Also, thanks for linking my post.

  11. T-Law says:

    Great list, I don’t know where to start 😉 Thanks

  12. Wow thats a niiiiiiiiceee list.. thats a trasure… many thanks!!!!!!!!

  13. aravind says:

    Awesome roundup Grace!
    You rock!

  14. Navdeep says:

    Great list and will sure be of some use to me… thx


  15. Rory Martin says:

    Thanks very much, so many quality css tips here. I try to be industry standard when it comes to web design and there’s a few little tricks here that I didn’t know about, thanks.
    Question: Any idea how to make rounded corners in css?

    • Grace says:

      @Rory My pleasure, it can’t hurt to learn new tricks and tips in css! For rounded corner i found the best example to be in the book Bulletproof Web Design but online this is a great roundup of techniques: CSS Rounded Corners ‘Roundup’. Have fun with those rounded corners 😉

      @Harry, @Alex, @Realizzazione and @Gwen You are all very welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting, i love putting these lists together as i always find quite a few articles i didn’t know of myself!

      @Lars My pleasure, really enjoyed reading your post, keep up the great work!

  16. Harry M says:

    wowww!! this is a huge list… thanks…

  17. alex says:

    WOW!!!That is a GREAT list

  18. …thanks for the report Grace! 😉

  19. Gwen says:

    very useful CSS list.Many many thanks for sharing that precious infos.

  20. Lars Vraa says:

    What a MEGA list! Thanks for mentioning http://www.tripwiremagazine.com.

  21. Thanks for the mention Grace :)

  22. Hey i stumbled across this page and i am so glad! lotta good stuff here, thanks!

  23. riderznet says:

    Thanks…very useful post..

    • Grace says:

      @Antonio Hi, no problem Antonio, big fan of your blog :-)

      @Dominic I’m happy you stumbled here, hope to see around the blog in the future.

      @riderznet, @foodland and @Naeem Glad you enjoyed the post.

      @Kim Thanks so much Kim, thanks for stopping by!

  24. Kim says:

    Thanks so much; have bookmarked this; found you on Twitter as well. Awesome job Grace!

  25. foodland says:

    thank you grace for ur wonderfulll collection

  26. Naeem Noor says:

    Nice list, very informative.

  27. Honey Singh says:

    Thanks for your representing a great pile informations.
    I’m quite sure this page should be bookmarked for the future use.
    Any good developer will certainly praise these links. 😛

    • Grace says:

      @Honey, @Tobias and @Molly Thanks so much for visiting, im super happy you enjoyed the post :-) Look forward to seeing you around the blog more in the future!

  28. Tobias says:

    Absolut fantastic list about css resources. thanks so much!

    Regards from Germany

  29. Molly says:

    As you can see by clicking my link, I’m working on my website. Found your site through StumbledUpon from his high rating of your site. Now I see why. Joining, Stumbling, Tweeting and FriendFeeding. It’ll take DAYS to work through all those links and that’s just one article on your site. Looking forward to working my way through the rest.

  30. Dhexter says:

    Thank you very much…

    Im a beginner in web developing and your list is very helpful in my study..

    Again thank you very much and God Bless!

  31. Amazing compiled information , Also i loved the header of your website , Lovely clean interface, Really loved the site.


  32. robb says:

    list of lists.
    this is huge.
    very helpful for beginners.

  33. Great collection of css resources! Is the topmost picture a photo or a drawing/sketch. On the topic of web standards validation you could use totalvalidator.com to validate several aspects of your web site in one sitting

  34. Jeff Byrnes says:

    Holy crap awesome list! Thanks!

  35. John Chain says:

    Thanks for the tips. Some cool and pertinent info.

  36. Great list. So much useful stuff on CSS here, almost too much to read in fact. The 25 CSS tools are a particular favourite of mine.

  37. Shajed says:

    Great Thanks!

  38. Thanks for the list. Always nice to get some more tips.

  39. Cool Stuff, thanks a lot!

  40. Mirac says:

    Thanks for this super list. :-)

  41. Miguel says:

    Fantastic compilation, many thanks

  42. Hosting Best says:

    What a list! Thanks for posting, using these CSS bits in a current project… is gonna look sweet!!!

  43. Gerald says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Grace! I personally love the Top 10 CSS Table Designs, it was very usefull for for a client’s site…

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