82 Essential Blogging Tips, Tricks and Resources

Get Blogging....

Blogging is a skill, one you refine with each new post. As someone who had no formal writing experience before starting this blog, i learn a new tip about blogging nearly every day and i hope to continue learning both the art of writing and that of capturing interest in my posts.

The subject of this week’s Theme Thursday was Blogging. As a new blogger i was super excited to research some great articles and resources, with the help of other cool twitterers we were able to compile a list over eighty useful and worthwhile links, listed below:

Just a short note about Theme Thursday. I have decided to make it a fortnightly arrangement as i’m starting to realise i don’t have the time each Thursday. However if you would like to help out two weeks every month then please leave a comment, as i wouldn’t make it a fortnightly event if i had some cool webbie people helping out. What’s in it for you? Fame, fortune, twitter celebrity status! Well no…..a big thanks from the community and me :-)

Also if you know of any great blogging links, drop a comment with a link for others to check out!

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  1. Dan says:

    I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now. I think the most important part of running a blog is to make sure you enjoy blogging.

    I don’t get that many visitors. Many of my posts recieve no comments but it doesn’t bother me because I write them, in the main, for myself. It’s an outlet and a very good way to air my views and, maybe, for others to kindly share theirs.

    I try to publish at least 2 articles a month but sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. I understand the professional bloggers out there who make a good sum of money from their sites but that life isn’t for me. I’ve said from the start, the second that running minute44.com becomes work, I’ll close the site.

    Best of luck with your blog, may it bring you much joy.

  2. Big Robby says:

    Killer links. Thats 83 quality tweets! The Cliche link said something like “Blogging about blogging sucks. Blogs about blogging bore me to tears”. Not I! Keep it coming.

    • Grace says:

      @Dan The enjoyment and buzz from blogging is absolutely the most important part. I personally believe in only publishing when your inspired to do so, i don’t adhere to this ‘you must post everyday’ mantra as i think it dilutes the effectiveness of your writing to a degree and it means blogging becomes a chore. Thanks for the support :-)

      @Robby I think Meta-Blogging can bore some people but as a new blogger i have lots to learn, so im agreed, bring it on!

      @Windows Guy My pleasure, glad you enjoyed them.

      @Gavin Thanks Gavin, really appreciate your kind words, i love working with both Leo and Glen!

      @Manish Great post Manish so i was happy to include it.

  3. Windows Guy says:

    Great collection. Bookmarked!

  4. gavin says:

    Wow! That list will keep me busy for a while. Thanks for sharing all of your research. Very thorough list.

    I ran into your blog via twitter post…I loved the Web Warrior design! I’ve been a Leo / Zen Habits fan for quite a while now.

  5. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for mentioning my post in your wonderful list.

    Keep up the great work. :)

  6. Emma Smyth says:

    I’ve new to blogging, just started it in the past few days really, cant wait to read up on some of these articles, I think there are too many to get through though 😉

  7. Mark Essel says:

    Wow, what a big list! Now we need an aggregated super list of lists of lists… 😉

    I noticed one of my posts (10 (Far Out) Methods to Creating Effective Web Content), made the list. I noticed a referral from here so tracked it back.

    Thanks a bunch for putting this together (and adding my first list post), I’ve been lucky enough to have read quite a few, but it’s nice to have a BIG LIST to refer to when I need some inspiration.

    I’ll point my new blogging friend in this direction. Best of luck blogging look forward to great posts from you.

  8. Thanks for the list, it’s more easier to learn by subject.

  9. Wow! What a huge collection of resources. Thanks for this!

  10. David says:

    Wow!!! what a list of resources. I have now added you to my google reader.

    Great post :)

    P.S. Just what I needed to get me going again.

  11. Neelam says:

    I like this article. Clear, concise and helpful. Thanks

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