75+ Truly Remarkable Typography Resources


Great Typography is not just about choosing your typeface, setting it’s properties and forgetting about it. Typography can add life, character and interest into a design.

As a designer who has worked in the Newspaper and Print Industry i know how much of an impact typography can make.

With a never ending need to learn more about the theory of Typography and how to apply it in a multitude of contexts, i was extremely pleased to see Typography voted as this week’s Theme Thursday.

Below you will find a range of articles, resources, tutorials and roundups which will inspire you to become a Typography Ninja:

Personally i will be spending a lot of time reading through those link’s and finding way’s to incorporate a variety of these into my own projects.

Were there any resources we missed from the list? Or have any of you used any of these in your design’s? Drop a comment to let us know.

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  1. Deffault says:

    Great Resources

  2. Joel Drapper says:

    Great list! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Jay says:

    *bookmarked* !

    A great resource. Very well thought out and covers a lot. Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend! lol!

    Excellent work! :)

    -Jay // @im_Jay

    • Grace says:

      @Deffault, @Joel, @Tom, @FreelanceCrowd and @9swords My pleasure, thanks for visiting and bookmarking it :-)

      @Jay Thanks Jay, I will probably be doing the same thing!

      @Hernan Hi Hernan, thanks for digging it.

      @Sarah Yep there is quite a few articles i hadn’t come across before, theme thursday always seems to throw up resources which i would have missed otherwise.

      @Brandon I’m still going through the links myself so will be brewing some more coffee myself!

      @Jacob Hi Jacob, thanks for visiting. Awesome suggestion, not sure why i didn’t think of doing that before as i categorised my wireframing post because of the large number of links. Separating the links into categories will definitely make it more readable and give the links more context, thanks again for the suggestion.

  4. Wow, what a list. UBER list even :) A bunch of stuff I’ve never seen before on here, thanks!

  5. Brandon Cox says:

    You’re certainly not helping my font addiction – gonna be up all night now, need caffeine!

  6. 9swords says:

    Woah Mega list! Definitely very useful thanks a ton.

  7. Jacob Cass says:

    Lists are all well and good however you should try categorise them :)

    Just my 0.02

  8. aravind says:

    Awesome Resources!
    Thanks Grace.. :)

  9. qubed says:

    Great List. Love the selection you have to browse. Another very worthwhile resource for designers is the underground typography scene of http://www.pilo.me – It is a members only site for type lovers/graphic designers. From my experience it is low profile and by owner approval owner, but I know there are a lot of valuable and exquisite fonts to be reviewed and seen here. Thanks again for the great read.

  10. Hart says:

    Great never ending collections. Thx for the tweet! I’m looking forward to your next productivity killing blog. :)

  11. art2code says:

    Very useful ressources!

  12. Adam says:

    Great article, Thanks

  13. Pi says:

    Very useful and enjoyable. Thanks.

  14. Piotr says:

    Thank you for including one of my articles in the list.


  15. Good collection, thanks for sharing!

  16. Somepoints says:

    these are great articles, like few them..keep it up

    • Grace says:

      @Aravind My pleasure :-)

      @Qubed Thanks for stopping by and for the link.

      @Hart, @Art2Code, @Adam, @Pi, @Mokokoma, @Somepoints, @Brent and @Kathryn Thanks everyone for visting and commenting, hope the typography links come in useful :-)

      @Piotr and @Lars Happy to include your articles as they were excellent.

  17. Brent says:

    just a glut of great resources. I blacked out at “20 great typography tools”

  18. Lars says:

    Hi Grace
    Thanks for including tripwire magazine in your great list!

  19. Awesome list! I know what I’ll be looking at on all my breaks for the next… month? lol


  20. Raul says:

    I ‘m finding this very interesting.
    thanks for the links

  21. Thanks for the mention! this blog is sexy as hell. Love it!

  22. Fantastic round up of typography resources, duly bookmarked.

    The periodic table of typefaces was really cool … hadn’t encountered that one before .. thanks for sharing these …

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