58 Essential Resources For Every Mac Geek

Apple Mac

Apple products power my business. Using a Mac has enabled me to streamline my workflow and i spend less time on computer maintenance and more time doing what i love – designing.

I appreciate the beauty and efficiency of both my iMac and Macbook, although being a recent switcher (just two years), there is a wealth of Mac related tips, tricks, shortcuts and resources which i have yet to learn and discover. With a growing number of designers and developers on Twitter who use a Mac, it’s with no surprise that all things Apple Mac was chosen as this week’s Theme Thursday theme.

With 58 resources to discover and bookmark, from improving performance, to time saving shortcuts, these are essential reading for every mac geek.









Tip & Tricks






Mac Office Set-Ups



Well that’s my weekend gone! This weeks Theme Thursday was really enjoyable, i know i will be giving each of these great links a closer inspection.

Were there any of your favourite Mac related resources that didn’t make the list? Then leave a comment with a link so we can check them out.

See you at the next Theme Thursday on 11th June.

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  1. chrisco says:

    Nice collection, thanks for collecting and posting.


    PS: You are not on Twitter yet? This post is going around there big time.

  2. chrisco says:

    Oops, I take that back @gracesmith :)

  3. Alexis says:

    I saw some of these things before but oh, wow, great stuff.

  4. Everyone loves lists! I’m still using PC, although I learned adobe products on a mac a long time ago. I am, however, getting a macbook pro at the end of summer so I can catch up with the rest of the elite designers! :)

    Did you guys hear about the latest Mac Product: The Mac Wheel? Check it out here… http://bit.ly/26U2a

  5. As always, nice post Grace, thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Great post saw it on twitter from a friend, what a lovley collection of Urls to mac stuff applications and tips Super three cheers from me !!!

    Follow me http://twitter.com/braydenstyles

    • Grace says:

      @Chrisco and @Alexis My pleasure guys, thanks for stopping by.

      @Hernan Let us know how your Macbook goes, you will soon be an Apple Groupie!

      @Eugenio Thanks as always Eugenio :-)

      @Brayden No problem, i’m a Mac Geek myself so i’m slowing going through all the links, thanks for dropping a comment.

      @Farooq Thanks for sharing the post, i really appreciate it, i hope your friend finds it useful.

  7. Farooq says:

    great post ill forward to my friend who is having mac but don’t know how to use it…

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