Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

No matter how many new creatives join the web community each day, it never feels cramped and it’s always exciting to discover brilliant upcoming designers, developers and bloggers.

However there will always be those who we loyally follow due to their consistently good output – wether that be blog posts, designs, applications, tips or resources and Twitter has certainly helped bring us all that little bit closer.

But just how well do you know those you follow? I asked 20 Twitterers who i know and interact with, to share the top 5 facts people don’t know about them.

Grace Smith

Ok…so i guess i better go first. I’m a freelance web designer, blogger and apple fangirl with an addiction to Moleskine Notebooks and Wireframes.

  • 1. My brother and I have a little tradition of going to the cinema at least twice a month, we both love movies and the whole cinema experience.
  • 2. I’m terrified of Crane Flies (we call them Daddy Long Legs) after my brother put one in my hair when i was younger…seriously if i see one i literally run for the nearest exit.
  • 3. My nickname is Gina as my middle name is Georgina.
  • 4. I love Chilli sauce and spices and my favorite type of food is Thai.
  • 5. My father, grandfather and grandmother all passed away suddenly within 10 weeks of each other in 2005.

Andy Sowards
Andy Sowards is a professional web developer, programmer, family man, and all around advocate of all things tech.

  • 1. I have lived within the same 50 mile radius my entire life.
  • 2. I have never left the USA.
  • 3. My first job ever was at a Subway Restaurant.
  • 4. Boxers, not Briefs.
  • 5. I Love watching G4TV and History Channel (Im kind of a nerd LOL).

Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a creative Designer, avid Blogger and is generally crazy about pretty colours and shapes.

  • 1. My middle name is James.
  • 2. I have two younger sisters.
  • 3. I often enjoy watching Laura’s romantic comedy film choices (But Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone!)
  • 4. I love riding rollercoasters.
  • 5. I’m thinking about getting a motorcycle license.

Cristian Vasile

Cristian Vasile is into SEO, Tech, Webdesign, CSS, Typography and loves Helvetica.

  • 1. I like basketball and rap music.
  • 2. I love to travel and, of course, i love photography.
  • 3. I enjoy reading books, especially novels and marketing books.
  • 4. I’m a interior design lover.
  • 5. I like hanging out with my friends.

Kimberly Beaven

Kimberly Beaven is the Creative Director at BlueWave Media, Web Designer, Geek, MAC fan and Coffee Drinker.

  • 1. Leggo was and still is my favourite toy — still have a big box that I occasionally pull out to have some fun with.
  • 2. I love power tools — built my deck and renovated my kitchen — probably the compound mitre saw is my fav, next to the table saw.
  • 3. I have my motorcycle license and love the feeling of riding on open country roads. (I wear a shorty helmet and goggles)
  • 4. I have a chair fetish — my favourite is the Barcelona chair.
  • 5. When I was a kid I wanted to be a neural surgeon and studied towards that direction, i but loved design and art too much and made that my career.

Antonio Lupetti

Antonio Lupetti is an Engineer, Pro Blogger, Mac user, Musician and is Web Addicted.

  • 1. I live in a beautiful country house near Rome, with a big garden (the swimming pool is a work in progress), seven cats and one dog.
  • 2. I love reading books: my favorite author is James Ellory and recently James Fray.
  • 3. I play the piano and have studied music since i was six years old. I have a piano and a Korg keyboard, and I use my iMac to compose and arrange music.
  • 4. I’m writing a thriller and have almost finished the first draft. To complete and publish it with a big publishing house is my biggest objective for the next year.
  • 5. I hate, hate, HATE airplanes. I hate flying and in general, being in enclosed spaces. I am totally claustrophobic!

Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is a freelance web designer based in sunny Cyprus with a passion for clean cut designs and code.

  • 1. I’m British, live in Cyprus, married to a Russian who’s also half Spanish and just love adopting the cultures, language and traditions along the way.
  • 2. I love baking but i’m a hopeless cook!
  • 3. I’m prone to getting electric shocks and have broken more than a few computers and appliances in the process!
  • 4. I suffered with panic attacks for 6 years and still battle with them now and again but i love where they have taken me.
  • 5. I once worked in a tourist shop on the school holidays, at the end of my first day i quickly scuttled out of the shop and realised it wasn’t for me…i then got a summer job filtering through databases and learning flash!

Aaron Irizarry

Aaron Irizarry is into Design, Development, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • 1. I was In a metal band called Point of Recognition.
  • 2. I have a tattoo behind me ear of a diamond that says “holla” under it.
  • 3. I have been to every state in the US except for Alaska, and Hawaii.
  • 4. I have been Married for 13 years.
  • 5. I like cats more than dogs.

Misty Belardo

Misty Belardo is a gfx/avatar designer, blogger, events specialist, loves music, food, art and self expression.

  • 1. I have 85% black outfits in my closet and never worn any floral inspired clothes EVER!!
  • 2. I love to paint using water color but I hate oil painting as a medium, its too messy and I hate the smell.
  • 3. My right eye is far sighted and my left eye is near sighted.
  • 4. I sneeked out of the house to take an entrance exam for design school, because my dad did not want me to be a designer. Good thing I passed. Never be afraid of challenges.
  • 5. I’m lactose intolerant. Drank tea as a child hence my nick name Misty (Miss – tea). By the way my real name is Cristina. Call me by that name and I will most likely not respond because I never got used to the name.

Rob Bowen

Rob Bowen is a darkside designer and is involved with Fuel Your Creativity.

  • 1. I’m a laid back vegan hippie, with a bit of an angry streak that offers a little contrast and balance to my life.
  • 2. I actually co-founded and co-ran Arbenting (it seems most folks didn’t realize that, so I thought I’d drop it in.
  • 3. I care about others, even to a fault, one could say, despite the fact that their plights have no direct bearing on my life or situation (weird, I know).
  • 4. I am an activist, working for social and political change.
  • 5. I will save the world using the power of my pen and the weight of my words, despite the sworded apathetic swarms that have made societal prisoners and lackeys of us all!

Glen Stansberry

Glen Stansberry is a Web Developer, Blogger and Jackalope Enthusiast.

  • 1. I’ve run the Boston Marathon – I’m a far cry from marathon shape right now, but yeah I managed to qualify for it and ran it in 2004. One of my proudest moments (even though I didn’t run that well).
  • 2. I’m releasing an album in the near future – Aside from doing web development, I love singing/playing guitar/mixing music. I’ve been performing here and there for the past 7 years, but I’ve been writing a lot recently and really feel like this is something that I’ll regret if I don’t do soon. More details to follow…
  • 3. I love Jackalopes – Yes, in case my site Web Jackalope (that Grace designed!) wasn’t a dead giveaway, I do have a thing for jackalopes. I have jackalope t-shirts, coffee mugs etc. I even have a “taxidermied” jackalope on the fireplace.
  • 4. I do impressions – I like to impersonate just about everyone. Famous people, cartoons, even animals. I know this makes me sound like a raging dork, but I’m laying it all on the line here.
  • 5. I love cooking – I love to experiment with making new dishes and cooking for my fiancee and friends. I love the conversation that happens at dinner, so even if my concoction is awful, the company will be good.

Niki Brown

Niki Brown is a Graphic & Web Designer based in Boston.

  • 1. I like to wear my sunglasses on the subway so I can stare at people.
  • 2. I own a mac… AND a PC!!! *gasp*
  • 3. I’m from a small town in Iowa (don’t tell anyone).
  • 4. I hate baseball… And I just moved to Boston (go red sox… Or something)
  • 5. I ran a half marathon last year and plan on running another one soon.

Veronica Domeier

Veronica Domeier is a Freelance designer of print & web and a Photography enthusiast, wife and adventurer.

  • 1. I am the biggest procrastinator I know, but that’s also when I get some of my best ideas – ironically.
  • 2. I’m a D.I.Y junkie. Anything from diy photo light boxes & backgrounds to bookshelves & beer.
  • 3. I would love to compete in The Amazing Race or something like it with my Husband.
  • 4. In high school I use to talk my way out of classes (English and such) just so I could go to my Communication Design class/studio and work on projects.
  • 5. I only have one brother who is fifteen years younger than me. Yeah, he was a surprise.

Jacob Gube

Jacob Gube is a Web developer/designer and founder of Six Revisions.

  • 1. I don’t eat fruits (except in liquid form, like orange juice).
  • 2. Even though I’m in front of the computer for 10-12 hours a day, I rely on a Moleskine notebook for time tracking, scheduling, and planning my work (it’s with me 24/7).
  • 3. I’ve lived in five countries and six states.
  • 4. I’m a proud Windows PC user and building custom PCs is my one and only expensive indulgence/hobby.
  • 5. I’m left handed (and I have oddly good hand/eye coordination with both hands, probably resulting from years of playing video games).

Brian Yerkes

Brian Yerkes is the Owner/Creative Director of Brian Joseph Studios into Web Design, Branding and Social Media.

  • 1. I am a FIFA Certified professional soccer coach.
  • 2. I used to be a radio presenter and nightclub DJ during college.
  • 3. I have ”gilbert syndrome” which apparently only about 5% of the world’s population has. It means I have a high level of bilirubins (spelling?) in my liver and is linked with very long life expectancy! (is that a good thing?! Haha)
  • 4. I only learned what NSFW means 4 days ago
  • 5. I almost died as a baby when I crawled into our pool, my mum saw the safety gate was open and dived in and saved me.

Danny Outlaw

Danny Outlaw is into Graphic Design and runs the

  • 1. Im a whitewater raft guide on a class V river.
  • 2. I used to race sled dogs in Alaska during the winter.
  • 3. I have a jack sparrow tattoo that I got in Bocas del Torro, Panama.
  • 4. Im married to a Suicide Girl.
  • 5. I almost never wear shoes and when I do its a pair of Chacos.

Sarah Whinnem

Sarah Whinnem is a Graphic Designer, Mac Geek, Fashion Addict and Mini Fanatic.

  • 1. I’m 5’8″ tall, but am always wearing heels- usually pretty tall ones too. My friends call me an Amazon.
  • 2. I have never seen an entire James Bond movie- only bits and pieces of a few.
  • 3. I love cars- I have a Mini and I drive it like a getaway car most of the time, and someday hope to have the time to work on restoring an original Mini.
  • 4. I prefer New York City to Boston partially because in New York the streets are all a nice organized grid, and in Boston they’re a tangled mess.
  • 5. I have a super crush on Kevin Rose. I think he’s adorable for being such a geek and can’t get enough of Diggnation.

David Legget

David Leggett is a Blogger, Website Designer & Independent Publisher.

  • 1. I’m secretly a ninja. For-serious.
  • 2. Sometimes, I think that the only reason I work at all is to fuel my chocolate and coffee addiction. I typically go through 900ml of coffee a day, and several bars of Godiva chocolate a week.
  • 3. I was tricked into being a geek as a young lad: When I was 10-years-old I started learning how to build websites, at age 12 I built my first computer, and I started working full time on websites when I was 14.
  • 4. I’m big into video games. Halo is my favorite series.
  • 5. I love to cook. My favorite dish to make is a Malaysian curry meal.

Adelle Charles

Adelle Charles is Co-Founder and CCO at Fuel Brand Inc. / Creators of the

  • 1. I’ve played softball since 4th grade (pitcher) through college.
  • 2. I’ve had 6 cars in 7 years. (No I’m not a bad driver, I promise).
  • 3. My mom is the only hair stylist I’ve ever been to.
  • 4. Michelle (@mishikraz) and I talked about having a creative company called “Fire & Ice” at 14yrs old and now we work together at FUEL.
  • 5. I used to love Salt-n-Pepa.

Chad Engle

Chad Engle is a designer, wordpresser, caffeine addict, RSS freak, mac fanboy, beta tester and adobe nut.

  • 1. Even though I am a graphic Designer I can’t draw to save my life.
  • 2. I wanted to be a transportation designer but went to graphic design because I couldn’t afford art school.
  • 3. I used to be in a top nationally ranked choir in high school as well as a national ranked top 20 drumline.
  • 4. If I am not designing or on the computer I am probably tooling on a car or something of the sort in the garage.
  • 5. I bartended for 4yrs to put myself through college. Would get off at 4am then come home and do school work.

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox is a Christian, Husband, Dad, Pastor, Creative Web, Logo, and Graphic Designer and Blogger.

  • 1. I’m actually a full-time Pastor/Minister – design is my secondary passion, so to speak.
  • 2. I’m the first Cox in about five generations to move away from my home county in Kentucky, USA.
  • 3. I’ve taken lessons in karate, piano, trumpet, and guitar, but never in design, which is the only one of the five I’m still involved in.
  • 4. My wife and I both drive Hondas (a Pilot and an Accord) and we probably always will.
  • 5. I’m an Adobe Fireworks nut, and only open Photoshop when forced to do so.

Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips is a freelance web-designer by day, guitarist by night (and typography addict 24/7).

  • 1. My real name is Jonathan-Charles Phillips (yeah I know!) I use Jon Phillips online because it’s shorter and easier to remember.
  • 2. Even though I’m Canadian, I don’t like Hockey. I really don’t. There’s nothing about Hockey that I find remotely interesting.
  • 3. I love country music. I play guitar in a pretty heavy act but I just love country music. I guess it’s the steel guitar.
  • 4. I sucked at drawing and visual arts when I was in school. I even failed my art class in grade 4.
  • 5. I could not live without Coffee Mate (or any coffee whitener). I just gotta have at least 3 cups a day.

Cameron Olivier
Cameron Olivier is a designer focusing on the web mostly, a budding web developer, a father to a beautiful daughter and husband to a beautiful wife.

  • 1. I spent 6 hours in the hair salon on my 21st birthday dying my hair electric blue.
  • 2. I have 2 tattoos – well a nordic star on each shoulder and ‘beloved’ on my chest.
  • 3. Before I decided to become a graphic/web designer, I had wanted to be an architect, but figured it’d be too boring. I think I made the right choice.
  • 4. The first time I kissed someone, I was 20.
  • 5. The current iteration of my beard is about 3 days younger than my daughter, who is 11 1/2months.

This is just a selection of the cool people i follow (unfortunately there isn’t room to invite everyone), but i invite you to add your top 5 in the comments below and take a few minutes from the daily grind to share and get involved.

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  1. Chris Rossi says:

    Hi Grace! Wow!! what a fun collection of information! I cant believe I am just seeing this for the first time :) Great idea and I love that everyone else is adding their info in too – great way to learn more about the creative community and twitter friends :) OK….here are my 5

    1. I have lived in 11 cities over the course of my life. (most in the US, one in Italy)

    2. I have never and will not ever like cheese in any shape or form. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise or sneak it in my food. I can detect it miles away. I am leaving my share of cheese for the rest of you. enjoy!

    3. I used to be a runner and have run 4 marathons (im not so fast, but love the serenity long runs bring )

    3. I was kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint when I was 26 by two gang members in LA. Scary stuff, but I was very lucky. Taught me that life is short and to enjoy every day.

    4. I practiced muy thai kickboxing and boxing for almost 12 years (bag and pad work- was never a fan of true sparring it scared me and I don’t like hurting people :)

  2. Chris Rossi says:

    Ooops….here’s one more

    6. I obviously dont know how to count to five. :) hee hee

  3. Sneh Roy says:

    I only just found this post! So much fun reading the post and then the comments and getting to know familiar faces so much better :) I love these games!

    Here are my 5.

    1. I am married to my best friend and have two adorable boys aged 6 and 2.

    2. As a child I was chased and semi-mauled by a dog. As a result I have severe dog-phobia.

    3. I have lost 25 kilos in the past year through healthy eating and exercising.

    4. I gave speeches, hosted and compered events for almost 12 years before developing stage fright.

    5. I secretly want to be Optimus Prime.

  4. billor says:

    thanks for info, interesting for me…

  5. 1. Me and my girlfriend were classmates for 12 years but we begun dating in college
    2. I hate onion
    3. I still like cartoons
    4. I am proud to be romanian
    5. My parents chose the day I was born because the doctor was going into a vacation

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