36+ Resources To Craft The Perfect Portfolio

Design Portfolio Resources
A portfolio can be an amazing platform as it showcases your work, skills, experience and personality to potential clients and employers. However building a killer portfolio that is a lead generator on a consistent basis is a tough task.

Whether you’re a designer, developer or writer, taking the time to craft a quality, professional portfolio that outshines your competitors, suits your needs and gives you a better chance of a successful and sustainable career is extremely important.

With this in mind i chose the Portfolio theme for this week’s Theme Thursday as every creative can find something of value in these articles, from crafting the perfect portfolio to promoting your work better for optimal results.

Portfolio Creation


Improve Your Portfolio


Portfolio Inspiration


Print Based Portfolios


Promtion & SEO

Were there any portfolio based articles or resources i missed out? If so leave a comment with a link so we can check them out or feel free to add your own thoughts about what makes a great portfolio.

See you at the next Theme Thursday on the 10th September.

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  1. Dave Sparks says:

    There’s so many portfolio articles out there at the moment, great to get a good round up of them.
    Thanks Gracie

  2. Great list Gracie!

  3. Mark Bowley says:

    A great list – I’ll be reading some of these.

    I missed Theme Thursday yesterday but here is a round up of ways to get a free online portfolio which I wrote a while ago:


  4. Steven Snell says:

    Thanks for linking to a few of my posts Grace. For anyone looking for inspiration I would also suggest Folio Focus, which is a gallery that I launched a few months ago to showcase portfolio sites.

    • Grace says:

      @Dave No problem Dave, I’m sure there are quite a few i haven’t found yet but happy to share those i enjoyed!

      @Brad I love that people online call me Gracie, it’s very cool :-) Thanks for stopping by Brad.

      @Mark Thanks for the Portfolio link, appreciate you commenting and sharing resources.

      @Steven Hey Steven, great to see here :-) I love FolioFocus and would definitely recommend it for some super inspiration.

  5. rickson says:

    A great list of tips.Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Ayush Kumar says:

    Now seriously, its time I started working on my portfolio and this article comes just in time!
    Thanks a lot!

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