30 Information Packed UX and IA Resources

User Experience

User Experience (UX) Design describes the experience a person has as a result of their interactions with a particular product or service. It encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s experience and goes way beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing them with checklist features.

Achieving a great user experience means taking into account a multitude of areas such as information architecture, usability, accessibility, functionality, content and the user interface.

This rundown of some of the best resources available both online and offline should offer some guidance in achieving User Experience nirvana.

Wireframes Magazine


I Heart Wireframes




Information Architects


UX Magazine


UX Professionals


UX Matters


UX Digest


UX Booth


UX Array


Inspire UX


Usability Thoughts


Usability Post


Boxes and Arrows




Paper and Pencil


Inspirational Flickr Groups & Sets


Related UX Resources

UX is an area which constantly fascinates me and i’m particularly drawn to how Information Architecture (IA) can facilitate effective communication and user experience.

Are there any UX related articles or resource you would like to share? If so please feel free to drop a comment and share the link goodness.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning inspireUX, Grace! This is a great list of UX resources.

  2. Iain Broome says:

    Well bugger me. I’ve spent the best part of a month trying to grab five minutes here and there at work to research IA and wireframing tool/sites, and here they all are in one lovely blog post. Smashing.

  3. This is actually a very nice list – some interesting UX blogs.

  4. Marcy Kellar says:

    Nice collection of resources. Kudos and thank you!

  5. Marcy Kellar says:

    Another great list Grace. Thanks

  6. uxdesign.com says:

    Thought I might as well mention uxdesign.com as well.

  7. Rob says:

    Great list. I thought I’d add http://www.uxpond.com – the UX search engine that covers all the sites listed above and more.

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