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10 Unusual Apple Inspired Flickr Images

While searching through Flickr for a great image for an upcoming post, I somehow found myself looking at the first image below of an woman’s eye with the Apple logo. […]

An Insight Into My Blogging Adventure So Far

After two month’s, has blogging changed my life, made me rich and famous or set my world alight? Well no, (i didn’t expect it to) but it has impacted my […]

84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources

As a dedicated Web Standards gal, i appreciate the beauty and power of CSS, in fact my design studio – Postscript5 is built on the aim of producing beautiful, accessible […]

My 10 Favourite Typefaces Of All Time

As a designer i find Typography to be one of the most important aspects of my design work. Over the years i have become slightly obsessed with exploring typefaces and […]

50 Creative Business Cards of 50 Designers

Brian from The Design Cubicle asked his readers and twitter followers to submit their sexy cool business cards. My cute Moo card was featured, check it out as it’s an […]

Graphic Designer’s Guide To Twitter

I’m currently featured in an article by Stephanie Orma for the San Francisco Examiner where i share my personal Twitter experience, tips, and advice including how to get Twitter followers […]

82 Essential Blogging Tips, Tricks and Resources

Blogging is a skill, one you refine with each new post. As someone who had no formal writing experience before starting this blog, i learn a new tip about blogging […]

15 Useful Tools To Capture Design Inspiration

As a designer, its important to have something that helps us break through the dreaded ‘designer’s block’ when it strikes. Some days all it takes is a 10 minute break […]