20 Essential iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’m an iPhone owner at last. I know….it clearly goes against my fangirl status to be so late to the party but honestly, I’ve always thought they were just too expensive.

After my contract finished recently I decided it was the right time to upgrade and decided to go for a lovely White 32GB 3Gs and skip ‘antennagate’ iPhone 4!

The best thing about the iPhone is of course – the apps. However with hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, it gets pretty difficult to find the ones that will suit my needs.

Without further ado, here are the apps that I’ve found essential, thus far:

It’s been my pick of the Twitter apps both on my mac and iPod Touch since it was released and it’s just as efficient on the iPhone.

Perfect for secure mobile browsing, as it saves my web usernames and passwords, has a browser built-in and syncs with 1Password on my Mac.

This is an essential app for any blog owner, it allows me to moderate, edit, or reply to comments as well as easily composing posts.

As a passionate amateur photographer, Flickr is a site I visit pretty much everyday. The ability to post straight to Twitter is pretty fly.

I’ve tried many RSS readers on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Reeder is the best of them all. It’s elegant, minimal interface is stunning.

I’ve been using Ego since it was released, it gives me one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics and RSS numbers.

The ultimate in Task Lists (IMO), this syncs perfectly with my Mac version and provides a beautiful and unobtrusive interface.

Allows me to access my Dropbox files on the go with the ability to view files offline and share links. This is another essential app as it syncs with my iMac.

Free video calls, calls, live chat and IM make Fring one of my most useful apps, especially as it centralises all of my networks in one place.

This is perfect for when I need to reach files that are on my office iMac, I can easily move items into my Dropbox folder and then retrieve them on my iPhone.

This gives me my daily fix of news with the latest stories, galleries and audio from a respected Newspaper.

An indispensable app that allows me to quickly find out info on the facilities close to my location.

As a small business owner who uses PayPal for nearly all transactions, this is an extremely useful app for quick management of my account.

You wouldn’t think you would have much need for an FTP client on the iPhone, but i use this quite often. I can edit files directly on the server, with a handy built-in browser.

This nifty app lets me monitor all the vital statistics on my Mac including CPU, fans, memory, disks, uptime and more.

This is a recent app I’ve discovered, it acts as a fully featured download manager and basically allows me to access the iPhones file system, which is invaluable.

Gives me instant, mobile access to Google Analytics with detailed reports at a glance and support for multiple accounts and sites.

Essential for anybody that works on the web, this lets me save web pages for offline or later reading.

This is a powerful clipboard manager that stores text & images copied from my iphone and much much more.

A wonderful app that I use to read e-books, but also allows me to drag and drop PDF’s into the File Sharing section in iTunes.

It wouldn’t be a proper list without a bonus:

I love the search by voice function, but find the links to other Google apps like Calender and Docs to be extremely useful.

So after one month’s use, those are my favorite iPhone apps so far. Do you have any particular apps you could recommend? Then please leave a comment and share your picks.

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for my Top 20 iPhone Games!


  1. Sam Hardacre says:

    Great list Grace. There are a few apps in there I’m yet to try so I’ll be looking into them :)

    Camera+ is one I only came across yesterday and it’s brilliant. I have a few issues with the UI but the end results are awesome.

    iTimeLapse is also pretty cool. I don’t use it very often but when I do it comes in very handy.

    Sorry to post so many links, I wouldn’t normally do so but as these apps spit out visual results, seeing them give you a better impression than any words could :)

  2. Hi Grace, thanks for the nice list of apps, I’m already using a fair few of these but will try a couple of the others on your recommendation.

    I also use a few variations from what’s on your list, these include:

    Read It Later for reading web articles offline.

    Things for my To Do’s

    The Billings app for keeping up to date with my accounts and quoting/invoicing while away from the office is awesome.

    Evernote (for Text/Photo/Voice note taking) and Bookmarks (linked to my delicious account) are also very handy.

  3. Koko says:

    Hi Grace!

    I second the Camera+ recommendation–just wish they’d throw in video recording and the option to upload directly to Picasa. Camera Genius is a close second.

    Also check out ‘Mills Color’ and ‘TiltShift Generator’ photography apps–combined with Camera+ you can turn out some pretty snazzy results, just be sure to make sure the export option is set to full-size for all.

    I used to use Dropbox but ReaddleDocs has replaced it as it gives me full access to Dropbox as well as other webdav servers AND serves as a pretty good document reader.

  4. Paul Maloney says:

    Just got Pastebot and Reeder, they are awesome! :)

  5. Thanks Grace for checking out NTRconnect Free for iPhone!

  6. cloverdew says:

    Grace, thanks for the list – looks great. Downloading and trying a few based on your list. Good stuff.


  7. Joe Romagnolo says:

    Hey Grace – check out Bump – just “bump” your iPhone gently against another iPhone and you instantly exchange contact info (amount of info controlled by you, of course) … also, a devious one – FakeCaller – gets me out of some painful meetings/conversations! One more – Zippo Lighter for concert-waving … J