100 Laterstars Invites Up For Grabs!

How do you keep track of all your favorited tweets? Create an RSS Feed and add it to Google Reader, use Instapaper or like me kinda forget you ever favorited them?! Well since early February I’ve had the privilege of using LaterStars, which is currently in closed Beta.

LaterStars helps you organise your fave tweets in one place and presents you with easy access to the title and link of each tweet all wrapped in a lovely UI. It’s essentially built for those of us who like to read tweets of particular interest later because it only works with tweets that contain links.

Tweets are arranged by the date you added them, with each item showing the title of the webpage, however clicking on the avatar reveals the original tweet from the author and allows you to retweet directly from LaterStars.

If you click on the ‘cog’ icon beside each tweet you have the option to love, label, mark as read, archive and delete items. Pictures and videos are previewed inline with thumbnails and you can search for a specific tweet, bring up the labels menu and filter your search. You can also mark all items as read, archive read items, select certain favorites and unmark any of them as favorites.

It allows you to see what other people using LaterStars are favoriting and what’s also pretty cool is you can subscribe to other peoples favorites. The keyboard shortcuts you use in Gmail also work on the site and it plays nicely with Fluid.

Once you sign up for an account and activate it, you’ll need to authorize the application with Twitter’s OAuth, otherwise it won’t work. Once you’ve signed up, it means everytime you favorite a tweet that has a link in it, Laterstars will process it and put it in your inbox. Sweet.

LaterStars have also recently added a Bookmarklet that lets you add any page on the web that you come across to your favorites, while still staying true to the app focus of only grabbing links from Twitter faves. It’s a killer feature that I personally love.

Overall LaterStars is a fantastic way to actually use the favorites feature to it’s maximum potential and for designers it’s a great way to use Twitter for inspiration.

The Big Giveaway

Thanks to the lovely @laterstars guys, I have 100 invitations up for grabs! Just use the code GRACESMITH to sign up. First come, first served and these will go fast so go sign up now!


  1. Devonanne says:

    Cool, thanks Grace :) I like this idea a lot as I tend to favorite a lot of tweets and then forget about them.

  2. Emma Taylor says:

    Thanks Grace, i love it!! :)

  3. Done—signed up successfully using your name :-)

    Thanks for the invite, @laterstars looks great and does exactly what I need (I’m using favs + a notify.me XMPP notification to keep track on the go at the moment).

  4. McBonio says:

    cheers Grace :)

  5. AJ says:

    Thanks for the invite code. I’m signed up!

  6. Laura Earley says:

    Why thank you, grace!

  7. cooper says:

    Thanks for the invite.

  8. Jenna says:

    Thanks, I needed a way to organize those starred things~

  9. Thank you so much for this.

    Cheers 😉

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