10 Websites I Wake Up To
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10 Websites I Wake Up To Each Morning

The morning is the most productive part of the day for me, I feel refreshed and energised, ready for the day ahead. Over the years i’ve developed a routine that gives me a good kickstart to the day.

My morning routine usually takes around an hour accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee and then onto work. I use this time to prepare for the day ahead but also to stay current with the latest news and to kickstart my creativity and provide me with a little inspiration before beginning work.

The first port of call each morning is the admin section on this blog. I approve comments, kill any spam which has appeared overnight, check the stats and spend a few minutes brainstorming some post topics and saving these using the Post Ideas Plugin.

I should also mention that i use the very useful Are My Sites Up? service so i can be notified if any of my sites timeout or go down.

Process Time – 5 Minutes

  • 2. Email (Using Google Apps)

I made the switch to using Google Apps for my email on all of my websites at the start of this year and i wish i had made the switch sooner. Google has cut down the amount of time i spend on email tremendously, I’ve said goodbye to spam and can manage all my email from my sites from one account.

I’ve setup auto-responders, filters and labels to keep things organised.

Process Time – 10 Minutes

I’m far from a stats junkie but it is important to have a clear perception of your visitors and exactly what they are searching for and interested in. It’s only by drilling down and focusing on the needs, wants and psychology of your readers that you write accordingly to address these and start to build your blog.

Google Analytics is a goldmine of information and i’m particularly interested in certain metrics such as referring sites, content and keywords. I use the morning period to quickly scan the most important data, then take some time at the end of the week to spend analysing the data within Analytics which i then use to craft blog posts and research more about my readers and visitors.

Process Time – 5 Minutes

As a geek it’s easy to just focus on the latest tech stories but it’s important to be aware of the current worldwide (and local) news and events. Using the BBC website means I can easily get a snapshot of the national, worldwide and local news.

I prefer the BBC as i love the ability to specify my own content and organise the page how i would like to it to be laid out. It was a massive improvement on the previous design and the use of the grids and dragable widgets is a major plus as it now feels more like a ‘personal’ homepage.

Process Time – 5 Minutes

With all the latest web buzz in one place, Popurls is my favorite news aggregator. From Digg, Twitter and Delicious to Boing Boing, TechCrunch and Lifehacker (to name just a few), it’s an amazing resource that saves a huge amount of time by allowing me to easily track what’s popular and newsworthy in the webosphere at that precise moment.

The ability to customise the layout and content is extremely beneficial as you’re able to get a short and snappy overview without having to do some major scrolling!

Process Time – 5 Minutes

I previously used NewsFire, however I decided to centralise my RSS feeds so they were synced with my Macbook and Google Reader seemed the obvious choice.

The fact it is inside the browser is a major plus, although I did use ReadAir for a short time but found it quite slow and buggy. One of my favorite features is the ability to share items using the built-in public page as i often share items with fellow freelancers and friends.

Process Time – 10 Minutes

Where would my morning routine be without signing into Twitter?! I use Tweetdeck as my main Twitter application, however in the morning i like to login online and quickly check my replies, DM’s, trends and scan the latest tweets from those I follow.

The morning is my most productive and busiest part of the day so I tend to shy away from using Twitter within this time frame. However I hate to miss out on the great resources and conversations happening so I spend around 10 minutes favoriting tweets to read later in the afternoon or evening.

Process Time – 10 Minutes

I’ve been a regular subscriber to Mashable for some time as it keeps me up to date with the latest social media news and rumors.

It publishes a wealth of breaking news, reviews, resources and guides and has grown into an authority on all things social media and web 2.0 (i really do hate that term!) I enjoy browsing through the recent posts and scanning the latest content.

Process Time – 5 Minutes

As a passionate amateur Photographer, Flickr is my network of choice to showcase my work and connect with other photographers.

I’m currently working on a Project 52 (taking at least one image a week for a year), so I am on Flickr most days. I’ve come to appreciate the feedback, conversation and advice that is available from other like-minded photographers. I’ve also met some Flickr users in real life locally. Folks say Flickr is dying, I say Flickr is very much alive, and that is not thanks to Yahoo, that is down to it’s loyal users!

Process Time – 5 Minutes

FFFFOUND! (along with PinInterest) is an amazing quality resource of interesting images that also acts as a dynamic recommendation engine according to your tastes and interests. It is an inspiration resource that I could spend all day browsing through the archives.

I always make sure FFFFound is the last site I visit before starting my work day because it leaves me feeling creatively recharged and energised for the tasks ahead.

Process Time – 10 Minutes

While I don’t stick to these rigidly, it is a good indication of how I start my day.

Do you have a morning website routine? If so please share in the comments below or if you prefer to jump straight into work perhaps you can share some morning productivity tips.


  1. Dave Sparks says:

    Another nice post for everyone to join in on.
    My 10 :
    1. hotmail
    2. google reader which inevitably leads to
    3. Aston villa blog (avfcblog) I love my football
    4. fail blog
    5. probably bad news (yep so far completely un work related)
    6. Google Analytics
    7. BBC news (in case I missed anything on the telly whilst I had breakfast)
    8. twitter gets opened up – although via tweetdeck
    9. and 10. are whatever takes my interest on twitter and my Google reader as far as web design goes

    and then it’s launching into some work finally!

  2. Sulcalibur says:

    Mine are:

    1. HSBC
    2. MUpromo (2 seconds for the chance of some freebies)
    3. Maczot (2 seconds for the chance of some freebies)
    4. Smashing Magazine
    5. Basecamp
    6. Google
    7. My Fever RSS
    8. Facebook (I’m loving Farmville)
    9. Nike+ (I hate Nike but this with my iPhone is cool)
    10. Flickr

    I use apps now for many things that I used to use in the browser.

  3. andreitt says:

    nice post. Here’s my top list :




    — so far these 3 sites provide me with almost every news related to flash platform and ria in general

    4.yahoo mail

    5./Film – i’m a movie geek, i like know what’s going on everyday

    6.ComicBookResources – i love comics too.



    This is how i start my morning. Pretty much everything happens on twitter where i read all the news (BBC, Breaking News and RIA related), the rest of the sites are just quick glimpses.

  4. Marie Poulin says:

    1. Google Reader
    (this includes everything from freelance switch to txptips, to wired magazine, etc)
    2. Email (macmail + gmail)
    3. Google Analytics
    4. Twitter
    5. ffffound
    6. my own website/blog
    7. facebook
    8. bestwebgallery
    9. cbc.ca
    10. textpattern alphabetical tag listing -for reference throughout the day :)

  5. 1.Social Network, check out the facebook/myspace whatever’s the current favourite (it’s all the same really isn’t it.) unfortunately some friends dont think a text or phone call is pertanent anymore, apparently everything is organised through facebook.
    2.Hotmail, check out emails, delete the copious amount of spam and junk and reply to any positive comments.
    3.Google Reader, wonder each and every day how i get over 100 posts to read through and then; bookmark, stumble, favourite, Reteet my favourites.
    4.Twitter, check who’s got in touch and then continue with RT’s and promotion of my current articles i’ve wrote.
    5.bbc, first check out the sport and news of the day as unless i check out sky sports news i won’t get my fix on news on a given day.
    6.coroflot/deviant art/behance: Great sources of inspiration can be found on almost every page on these great design websites. I also check out my accounts and work on replying to any comments or feedback.
    7.My blog(s) check out my blogspot blog and then my http://blogpost.dj23.net/ post check if any comments need approving and maybe write down some ideas for future articles.
    8.Bank, check there’s still some money left there, and then sob over how little there is in the bank, with me being a poor student still.
    9.leeds united dot com
    10.nfl.com/detroit lions + mlb.com/ detroit tigers, gotta check on my teams.

  6. Paul Wesson says:

    1. G-Mail
    2. Google Calendar
    3. Google Reader (tech, news, blogs)
    4. Twitter (TweetDeck)
    5. Flickr Contacts
    … rest would be linked clicked through in reader or via twitter

  7. (First 7 in order due to Google Chrome Speed Dial)

    1. Twitter
    2. GoogleMail
    3. Facebook
    4. Hotmail
    5. DeviantART
    6. Webs.com
    7. Google Analytics
    8. My own site
    9. Abduzeedo.com
    10. Sky News

    … and a plethora of others through Twitter links, and DeviantART. Oh, and some site called GraceSmith.co.uk 😛

  8. 1. GMail
    2. NetVibes (For work and non-work RSS)
    3. Ctrl+Alt+Del
    4. Explosm.net
    5. XKCD
    6. BBC Sport > Football > Daily Gossip Column (Then onto other stories)
    7. Guardian > Sport > Football (sometimes other news too)
    8. Twitter via Tweetdeck
    9. My local development server
    10. Last but not least, the site I’m going to do some work on!

    There’s a lot that I used to start the day with which are now taken care of with NetVibes and RSS feeds. Takes about 25 sites off my list!

  9. SaraKate says:

    1. Gmail
    2. livejournal.com
    3. dreamwidth.org
    4. Twitter (via TweetDeck)
    5. Last.fm
    6. Google Reader (via feedly)
    7. facebook
    8. friendfeed
    9. If I’ve got time to read the news, I go to news.bbc.co.uk or the Washington Post site, but usually once I’ve gotten through Twitter links and my feed reader, I’ve gotten to everything I need. 😉
    10. I haven’t had much time for it lately, but when I do have time, WordPress for my own blog.

  10. 1. briannotbryan.com
    2. Analytics
    3. Twitter
    4. Geekologie
    5. Behance Network
    6. Nettuts
    7. Last.fm
    8. Facebook
    9. alistapart
    10. wired mag

  11. I don’t really have a morning routine to be honest, it can vary completely and may depend on a whole load of factors what order I visit websites…

    As I work in SEO and Marketing, when I get to the office, any outstanding client work is normally prioritised although I will launch Twitter/Tweetdeck to catch up on any tweets overnight (as I don’t really use Twitter after the end of the working day). I have a News feed in my Vista sidebar so if any headlines catch my attention then I will read them.

    A collection of other sites that I won’t go through a day without checking would include:

    Clubnet UK – http://clubnetuk.net (My own social network site)
    Twitter – http://twitter.com/zigojacko and http://twitter.com/clubnetuk
    Mashable – http://www.mashable.com
    RSS Feeds (I am normally have hundreds to wade through as well :/)
    Google Adwords
    Google Analytics
    Yahoo Search Marketing & Site Explorer
    MSN AdCentre
    Sitemakers – http://www.sitemakers.com (Company Website)

    Then the majority of anything else, is normally configured to drop into my various email inboxes.

    I would normally include Facebook in that list but I have actually just temporarily deactivated my account on there (http://facebook.com/zigojacko)

  12. My top 10 would be:
    1. BBC football page
    2. Emails
    3. Twitter account (if not done on my iPhone to work would click through any interesting links)
    4. Google Analytics
    5. Site Inspire
    6. Aisle One
    7. Seth Godin’s Blog
    8. Bank (surely those cheques have cleared!)
    9. Premiership website to decide if I need to tweak my team
    10. Anything I need to check for a particular project.

  13. TJAbif says:

    My List:

    1) Viigo > 2)Reuters (World, Business) 3)BBC 4) Mashable 5) Gmail 6)Twitter (via Tweetdeck) 7) PopURLS 8) Delicious 9)Engadget 10) Google feeds/reader. :)

  14. My morning routine 10:

    1. Mac mail (OK, not a website, but it uses the web…) :)
    2. Twitter (vie TweetDeck)
    3. The GB (a private forum of a group of close friends)
    4. http://www.istockphoto.com (I’m a contributor so I check my sales)
    5. POPUrls.com
    6. MSNBC.com
    7. Facebook
    8. Webcams (private for family)
    9. The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk (because I like my news mixed with gossip and trash)
    10. Whatever else shows up on Twitter!

  15. abd3lhak says:

    Got only a top 5 morning routine websites list. Any others come through links from : Reader, Alerts, or Tweets.

    1. Gmail
    2. Analytics
    3. Reader
    4. Delicious
    5. Twitter (just recently)

  16. Sean Hood says:

    1. G-Mail
    2. Twitter (Tweetdeck)
    3. Facebook
    4. Google Analytics
    5. Flickr
    6. Digg
    7. Rss feeds (Firefox live bookmarks)
    8. My Blog admin if theres any new comments
    9. Links on twitter
    10. Current site i’m working on

  17. My 10:
    1. Gmail
    2. Work Email (serious stuffs arrive here)
    3. Facebook
    4. Flickr
    5. Twitter
    6. JPGMag
    7. Deviantart
    8. Google Analytics
    9. Blogger (for comments)
    10. Alumni Social Network (sisalumni.org)

  18. Dan says:

    Most of them are usually dictated by my feed reader but here are a few i definately look at:

    1. GoogleMail
    2. FaceBook
    3. YouTube (There’s a daily video feed I subscribe to)
    4. My Blog
    5. Google Analytics
    6. Flickr

  19. P22earl says:

    10 to wake up to.

    1. Yahoo mail

    2. Yahoo Soccer Manager

    3. Flickr photo sharing website

    4. NME music news > great festival photos

    5. Guardian.co.uk – National and international news, Good Arts coverage for a national paper.

    6. facebook – stealer of precious time

    7. work emails

    8. thats it really, can’t think of any more

  20. 1. Gmail
    2. Facebook
    3. Google Reader (mix of design blogs and humour such as icanhascheezburger)
    4. Twitter
    5. Google Analytics
    6. my own site/blog

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