10 Blogs Every Freelancer Wish Existed

We all have our favorite Freelance blogs which consistently produce quality, insightful content. However in an alternate reality what if an entirely different set of freelancing blogs existed. The kind that broke all the rules….

With tongue firmly in cheek, I present a humorous look at the top 10 blogs every freelancer would like to exist:

  • 1. Badclients.com

We all know and love Clients From Hell but what if there was a site that named and shamed clients that; don’t pay, treat us like slaves, endlessly micro-manage and generally behave very badly. Soon only the fabulous, deep pocketed, fantastic to work with clients would be left!

  • 2. productiveinpyjamas.com

Do you actually wear real grown-up clothes when sitting in front of your computer? Well, Productive In Pyjamas will change that, with tips on how to use that ‘just got out of bed’ look to become a productive freelancing super machine.

  • 3. taxfreefreelancing.com

Let’s face it seeing our hard earned money go into the Governments pockets each year…sucks. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we actually got to keep all of what we earned without going to jail? Hell yes! That’s where Tax Free Freelancing comes in.

  • 4. freehealthcare.com

Fed up of paying for extortionate health insurance policies and high priced over the counter medication….I thought so. Well fret no more because Free Health Care will provide you with a lifetime supply of cash and insurance forms to pay for any medical bills that you may incur.

  • 5. byebyeadmin.com

Say goodbye forever to every freelancers pet hates; accounting, invoicing, scheduling, filing and organising. Bye Bye Admin shows you how to forego all those painstaking tasks and instead enjoy seeing your office slowly being surrounded by paper, files and receipts!

  • 6. paidvacations.com

Unlike most of the 9-5 population our vacations to {insert destination here} are unpaid. So when we leave the office we stop making money. Paid Vacations puts an end to this and shows you how to keep the {insert currency here} rolling in while you’re sunning yourself in Bali.

  • 7. junkfooddiet.com

Junk Food Diet shows every freelancer how to cut back on those nasty things like fruit and vegetables and instead give our bodies much needed fatty energy boosts. By combining pot noodles with a mixture of crisps and chocolate to keep us both happy and contented in front of our computer for 12 hours a day.

  • 8. pleasepay.me

So you’ve just finished this huge project, the client is overjoyed, you bill him feeling all warm inside waiting for the paycheck when said client does a runner and refuses to pay. What do you do? Well Please Pay Me has all the answers so never again will you be stiffed out of your cash. Suggested by @duncanmacgregor.

  • 9. readingclientsminds.com

“Just do whatever you think”….”It needs more pop”….”I’ll know it when I see it”. Heard those before? Sure you have, you’re a freelancer! Reading Clients Minds shows you exactly how to take these vague phrases and workout exactly what your client means, plus you even get a free Crystal Ball! Suggested by @gariphic.

  • 10. drinkcoffeemakemoney.com

To be a freelancer one of the criteria you must meet is a love of coffee. A true freelancer likes nothing more than sitting back in their Aero chair with a large cappuccino. Drink Coffee Make Money provides in-depth tutorials on how to keep both the coffee and cash flowing in. Suggested by @PixellicaDesign.

So that was my cheeky, highly sarcastic look at what type of freelancing blogs we could have in another reality. Most of these domains are available so in the unlikely event you actually buy one, please do let me know!

I would love to hear your domain ideas, so please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. @gariphic says:

    Great post Grace. I was looking fwd. to seeing this. Thank Q for including my suggestion at #9. I’m in favor of #3 and #6, where do I sign-up? #5 resonates with me big time, really dislike the admin part of being self-employed.

  2. Frazer says:

    How about livingzombie.com that gives advice on how to live without sleep?

  3. Wow, productiveinpyjamas.com would totally be my new home page.

  4. Mario says:

    Awesome list! So true. :)

  5. Haha, I love this. Great concept for the article. Very fun to read. Thanks Grace. Great job as usual.

    TaxFreeFreelancing.com would be cool!

  6. Jesaka Long says:

    You are hilarious, Grace! Thank you for the perfect–and so true–Friday afternoon read.

  7. Sean Delaney says:

    ha ha, nice round up Grace! I have to agree with a lot of what you said, plus Frazer’s suggestion livingzombie.com!

  8. Fantastic list! I’d subscribe to drinkcoffeemakemoney.com in a heartbeat.

  9. Cesare says:

    I’d add myofficeis2stepsfromthebed.com :)

  10. svnlabs says:

    very very cool blog…

  11. @gariphic says:

    11. noIcantdesigninMSword.com

  12. Tracy says:

    This is my favorite post of the day!

  13. Johnny says:

    Very off-the-wall freelancing blogs… love it!

  14. Rob Bowen says:

    1. Badclients.com – I was recently telling Angie that we needed to start this very site. Call it Client Blacklist or something along those lines. Where freelancers can come and essentially blacklist clients for contract violations and the like. This way, whenever a freelancer is approached by a client, they can check to see if the client has any blacklist feedback to act as a warning or simply steer them away.

    Great post, as always!

  15. Tim Smith says:

    Great post! I love the idea behind this. I love the idea of “productiveinpyjamas.com”. That’s me right there! haha

  16. Alex Holt says:

    workingathomeislivingatwork.com – it’s amazing how many people think that because you work at home, you are somehow free to do them favours during your work day 😉

  17. SL says:

    I’m slowly putting together posts on User Interaction (not the same as User Interface) design. Things like how to write error messages, best form layout, etc. I’d love to see more.

    There’s lots of design/graphic inspiration sites but I’d love to see content inspiration sites. Not somewhere to go to rip-off but something to get the creative content juice flowing.

    And there’s so much more…

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